4 Proven Zero-Effort Fat Loss Hacks

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no effort tips
Listening to your music, not the elevator crap in most gyms, will amp up your effort, according to research


Imagine a way to lose weight with no effort. Sound like a late-night infomercial ad? It’s not. There are ways to increase yorr body’s fat burning furnace without one bead of sweat or ounce of willpower. They’re not going to get you shredded, but combined with a good diet and exercise regime, then will speed the process up. Follow these tips and form some new no-effort healthy habits to get and stay lean.


  1. Add some heat to your cooking

You’ll need more water for this tip because adding chillies to your food will set your mouth on fire – but more significantly it’ll also prevent you from over-eating, one of the biggest factors behind fat storage. Chilli represses the desire to eat more.

Why it works
Chillies are good for burning body fat not because they increase your metabolic rate but because a compound in them triggers the same response in your stomach as when it’s full, according to a University of Adelaide study.

  1. Drink a schooner before every meal

Sorry – we mean of water, nothing else. Drinking under half a litre of water is one of the simplest, easiest and most effective hacks you can start doing right now to start to strip away fat.

Why it works
Subjects on a calorie-controlled diet who drank 500ml water half an hour before their three main daily meals lost 2kg more over 12 weeks than those who didn’t, according to the journal Obesity, because the water made them eat fewer calories at meal times.


  1. Pump up the volume

Simply listening to your favourite tunes  can help you work out harder for longer to burn fat faster.

Why it works
Subjects who listened to their own playlist could exercise for 20% longer than a control group who had to train in silence, in a study carried out at Brunel University. And the music made even the longer and harder sessions feel easier in subjects’ minds.


  1. Find some time to meditate

Meditation can improve feelings of positivity and lower stress, which can improve your chances of shedding fat.

Why it works
A few minutes of meditation each day can reduce stress, according to research from Carnegie Mellon University, US. Because the stress hormone cortisol encourages fat gain, the lower your levels of stress the better able your body is to burn fat.



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