Two Dumbbell Workout

Think an effective workout requires a gym full of kit? This workout, featuring just one pair of dumbbells, shows you otherwise.

Home Tabata Workout

Keep the family in shape during these difficult times. Here’s a bodyweight workout for guys and girls and older kids.

Perfect Body-Weight Finisher

Abs finishers are notoriously hard for trainers to put together. Some are too easy, some are way too hard, and it’s tricky to tread the fine line between progress and pain.

10 Science Backed Tips for Stronger Legs

Leg training isn’t just about appearance – training both your upper and lower body will lead to fewer muscle imbalances and less risk of injury. Training legs can also improve your performance in heavy lifts – because strong legs provide a strong platform for your body to push off – as well as your running performance.

Get Big Fast with German Volume Training

There aren’t many things that old school body builders and modern sports scientists agree on but one of them is that volume is a key variable in the quest for muscle growth.