Work(out) From Home: 5 pro tips for nailing your fitness goals

Chaos, as they say, breeds opportunity. And for fitness fans, one of the few bright spots of COVID-19 has been the explosion of digital workout offerings, making it easy to stay in shape wherever you find yourself.

With WFH (Working From Home) now the world’s favorite acronym, WOFH (Working Out From Home) is also on the rise as a convenient fix for when you can’t get to the gym. But with thousands to choose from, what should guys be looking for from a home workout solution? And what tactics should we use to get the best results?

We caught up with Ben Main – Ambassador for group fitness giant Les Mills – to find out his top tips for smashing fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.

Hey Ben, what does your weekly workout routine look like?

I love to mix things up and keep my training fresh – but it often depends on what I’m doing and where I find myself. At the moment my resistance training consists of three days on, one day off, alternating between push, pull, and legs. And I like to kickstart each morning with a home workout class on the LES MILLS™ On Demand (LMOD) app – typically a 30-minute blast of HIIT, core, strength, or yoga.

Online workouts seem to be all the rage lately, what are the main benefits of Les Mills On Demand for guys?

It’s an opportunity to find the right balance for what our bodies need to progress, rather than getting stuck doing one type of training. For guys, having easy access to a range of different training styles is a massive help for mixing things up – especially as many don’t require any equipment.

My work with Les Mills means I’m often on the road and always on the go, so the convenience of being able to train anytime, anywhere with Les Mills On Demand helps to maintain my routine and save time. The workouts vary in length from 10 minutes up to an hour, so you can slot them in around your schedule. And I know I’ll put a lot more effort into a workout if there’s someone there on-screen to rev me up and keep me honest!

Which Les Mills On Demand workouts would you most recommend?

LES MILLS GRIT™ (30-minute HIIT classes) and BODYPUMP™ (legendary all-body strength class) are two of my favorite workouts to teach and also do at home. I love going really hard and fast with my resistance training, so those types of classes are perfect for letting loose.

And for adding that training balance we talked about, I like to include a CXWORX™ (core) and a BODYBALANCE™ (yoga fusion) class each week to keep things fresh and challenge my body with different workout styles.

What are your top tips for nailing Les Mills On Demand home workouts?

You definitely don’t need to invest in a home gym to get the most out of workouts, but a little imagination goes a long way to get you in the right mindset for success. In your head, create a designated training zone in your home – this can be in your lounge, garage, backyard – wherever works. Then, when it’s workout-time, make sure you mentally flick the switch and treat that area as your training zone, rather than that place where you watch TV or park your car.

Les Mills On Demand works on your phone, laptop, and a range of electronic devices, but for me, you can’t beat working out with a big screen. So if you really want to dial up the motivation, cast your workout to your TV and really let rip!

Post COVID-19, what will be the mix between gym and home workouts?

People love working out in groups and not many of us are lucky enough to have room for an Olympic lifting platform in our homes, so it’s safe to say gyms will still be there and people will be excited to get back in when they can.

But at the same time, home workout options are booming and the quality is so much higher now, so they’ll definitely have a role in the fitness landscape moving forward. The low cost of Les Mills On Demand, the time-saving convenience, and the world-class content make for a pretty compelling package.

It’s also a great way to introduce friends and family into being active, as they can build up their fitness gradually and grow confidence. Health has to be our number one priority after all this, so anything that helps loved ones stay in shape will always get my vote!

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