With Bells On

Get a quick muscle-building, fat-burning workout with the humble dumbbell.

The dumbbell is arguably the most versatile item in your training tool kit, and that’s why it’s so useful for a one-kit workout. “Dumbbells are great training tools because they allow you to develop several different elements of fitness,” says personal trainer Adam White (awpts.co.uk). “You can use them to increase strength and power and you can use them to develop stability, because you have to control their movement.”

This workout begins with an explosive move, the snatch, that will test your balance and co-ordination. It’s a tough move even with a light weight because the movement is so big. The Romanian deadlift to press will work the entire back of your body and your shoulders. The final three moves will test your mid-section in different ways because you’re working your abs and core from multiple angles in different positions.

Click here for the’ With Bells On’ workout.

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