Who is your girl's back-up plan?

Survey of British women suggests your girl has a plan B.

by  Brittany Smith

Men are usually the ones to get a bad rap when it comes to infidelity. But a new survey of 1,000 British women reveals some startling stats. Half of all women have a fallback partner picked out should their current relationship fall to the wayside. Are you listening? Fifty percent. Married men: this can happen to you. Single guys: could you be the back-up man?

The researchers found that married women are more likely to have back-burner guys than women in relationships. Curious about whom your replacement could be?

Likely candidates are old friends who may have been stifling romantic feelings for your woman, ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, colleagues, and even someone she’s met at the gym. The survey found that the other man is probably someone your significant other has known for years who is “ready and waiting” due to “unfinished business.”

But wait, there’s more!



The study found that one in four women with a back-up plan have feelings just as strong for Plan B as they do toward their other half. And 12% admitted their feelings were stronger for the other guy. What’s worse is seven in 10 women confessed they are currently in contact with him.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, one in four admitted their current partner had met her back-up guy; one in five said it’s even a friend of her man. Ouch.

But it doesn’t stop there. About half of the women polled said their significant other was aware of the third party. And one in six are “seriously considering” rekindling or initiating romance with their Plan B (who is starting to look a lot like Plan A).

What could be to blame? A spokesman for online market research company OnePoll.com pointed a finger at Facebook and Twitter. He told the Daily Mail: “It’s easier than ever to stay in touch with an old flame. Men need to be aware of any ‘old friends’ that turn up out of the blue that’s for sure.”

One in three women “doubted” anything would ever happen with their back-up guy. Regardless, a night in watching The Other Woman doesn’t seem so bad, especially if it keeps her from going to The Other Man.


Reprinted with permission from MensFitness.com

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