Whisky Experiments

The world’s most awarded Scotch whisky, Glenfiddich, has continued to challenge drinkers to “rethink” whisky, last night unveiling The Experimental Highball SS18 Series – A collaboration between the Glenfiddich Experimentals range and award winning soda factory PS Soda.  

Glenfiddich’s Brand Ambassador, Luke Sanderson, worked closely with Michael Cheim and Thor Bergquist of PS40 to create a limited run of two bespoke sodas, PS Pandan Barley and PS Strawberry Gum Leaf. The unique sodas were specially crafted to pair perfectly with two Glenfiddich whiskies from the Experiment Series; The IPA and Project XX (pronounced Project Twenty).

Luke & Thor. Working their magic. 

The first highball, called PS Pandan Barley, is an updated interpretation of the classic lemon barley soda which fits perfectly with the IPA cask used in the IPA Experiment. The soda is dry with a nutty rich Pandan leaf aftertaste.

Featured above is the “PS Pandan Barley”

The second soda, PS Strawberry Gum Leaf, combines confectionary with spices, the main hero being strawberry gum which is a native herb that is very aromatic and can be likened to guava and passionfruit. It carries a backbone of Szechuan, star anise, cinnamon and mandarin peel. This is paired perfectly with Glenfiddich Project XX. 

Introducing the “PS Strawberry Gum Leaf” Highball

So how do you get your hand some of these tasty drinks? To unveil The Experimental Highball SS18 series, Glenfiddich have partnered with some of Australia’s leading bars, including Zeta Bar and Hotel Ravesis in Sydney, Ms Collins and Whisky Den in Melbourne, who share their passion for fine whisky, experimentation and experiences. The Highball menu will be available across 200 venues nationally from September, a list of all the bars participating can be found here.

The third and most recent offering in the Glenfiddich Experiment Series is Winter Storm – A limited-edition whisky that has been finished in Canadian Icewine casks. The result is a short, crisp premium whisky imbued with a unique layer of sweetness and complexity.

You can purchase The Experimentals range by Glenfiddich in all good liquor shops, and click here to find out more.

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