What To Do About Hair Loss

Style out these three common hair horrors with some classic Do’s and Don’ts

The Problem: Thinning Hair

thinning hair

Do keep hair short and textured

“This will create more depth and help prevent too much scalp from showing. Opt for styling products with a matt finish, rather than wet-look gels, because they will add bulk to the hair for a fuller appearance.”

Don’t grow your hair too long

“This will have the effect of pulling hair flat and give it a limp and lifeless appearance. Depending on the style in which you wear your hair, longer lengths can also evoke the look of a combover, which both ages you and draws attention to thin patches.”

The Problem: Bald Patch

bald patch

Do go shorter all over

“This will lessen the contrast between a bald crown and the thicker hair that grows around it. Once your hair is cut neatly in this way, you can use certain styling products to add more depth and texture at the crown, such as Nanogen Keratin Thickening Hair Fibres which are made from 100% natural keratin, the same protein our hair is made from.”

Don’t wait too long between haircuts

“Longer hair will emphasise the appearance of a bald patch. A uniform length all over will keep things looking their best, so avoid styles that combine longer and shorter hair.”

The Problem: Receding Hair

receeding hair

Do book in for regular cuts

“The tendency is to sweep hair to the side as it grows out, which can draw attention to a receding hairline. Get into the habit of booking your next hair appointment when paying after a haircut. Again, avoid the floppy look – matt, stiff styling products will help keep hair structured and where it should be around your face.”

Don’t go for super-short styles

“This can really highlight a receding hairline. A regular length is best for receding hair.”

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