What is this Super Supp?

Athletes are reporting improvements in triathlon times, 2 mile runs, push ups, sit ups and overall fitness because of the next big thing: Pycnogenol

If you haven’t heard a lot about Pycnogenol yet, you will. Pycnogenol is currently one the most highly researched natural ingredients in the world, scientifically proven to be a very powerful natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

What is it?

Derived from French maritime Pine bark,which only grows in France, Pycnogenol aids the body in producing Nitric Oxide which enhances blood micro circulation and endurance and improves blood flow to the muscles which significantly speeds recovery after exercise and results in reduction of pain and cramps.

What’s this mean for you?

A chance to lift heavier, grow your muscles, recover faster and reduce inflammation.

In fact to date, more than 220 studies have been conducted on the various health benefits of pycnogeol, including free-radical control, stronger blood vessel walls, improved healing, improved inflammatory response, stress reduction, blood pressure control, strengthened immune response and improved erectile dysfunction.

What does Nitric Oxide have to do with all these benefits?

It’s the major impact on nitric oxide which has everybody around the world so excited about the potential. By increasing nitric oxide output, you’ll be able to deliver more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, which improves the muscles’ ability to handle the extra physical demands placed on them during weight workouts and to build and recover under those intense conditions.

Researchers have discovered that increasing Nitric Oxide (or NO) production improves the flow of blood and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles. The result is faster removal of metabolic waste, improved workout capacity, better recovery, faster growth, enlarged muscle cells and more strength. Some of the best-known natural nitric oxide potentiators are L-arginine, citrulline aspartic acid and chrysin. As the science continues to emerge concerning the anabolic benefits of NO, so does the emergence of new products known as “NO2 potentiators.” While the benefits of the powerful antioxidant pycnogenol are known and have been used on a global scale, its role in the production of nitric oxide and as an anabolic growth agent is just emerging.

How does it impact recovery?

Pycnogenol can also prevent muscle damage by reducing exercise-induced free-radical oxidative damage. Highly reactive molecules that can damage brain cells, free radicals accelerate aging and destroy just about anything they come in contact with, including muscle tissue. Studies indicate that pycnogenol can halt and/or minimize the damage caused by free radicals. Furthermore, antioxidants like pycnogenol play a key role in regulating lactic acid production, which can accelerate muscle fatigue and impede recovery.

Where can I get some?

If you’d like to give it a go before a big workout, and you should, it’s available in Modex, a pre-sport and exercise supplement that contains Pycnogenol. Consumed between one and four hours prior to an event/race or exercise regimen, the natural ingredient Pycnogenol has been scientifically proven to also reduce cramps and soreness and helps you maintain mental concentration.

The 1 litre format is perfect for those with a regular routine and provides up to one months supply or 10 races / training sessions. You can also get it in shot packs and sample packs.

Modex is berry flavoured, formulated with natural ingredients and designed to assist both professional & recreational athletes with performance, recovery and endurance.

Learn more about Modex and check out the entire range by clicking here.

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