Fat Loss

Want To Be a Powerlifter?

Cameron Mackenzie is an Aussie Powerlifter and Bulk Nutrients ambassador. We caught up with Cam to discuss how he got involved with the sport, his insane records, nutrition and of course training during the COVID-19 Pandemic So how does Powerlifting differ from weightlifting? Powerlifting is a sport where each athlete

So What is a Dexa Scan?

There is a much more accurate way to measure than a tape or callipers. It’s called DEXA and the most important aspect of DEXA is that users can measure ‘true’ change in fat and lean muscle mass.

The Case for Keto

Sugar and grains are harming your health and the only smart way to eat is to follow a ketogenic diet, says The Keto Reset Cookbook author Mark Sisson.

24 Hour Fat Loss

The perfect 24-hours for fat loss

Here’s the perfect way to create 24-hour fat loss by following the methods that work.  To experience sustained results you need to put together ­­­the entire package, including proper nutrition, a good workout routine and appropriate lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. To clarify your path to

Perfect day

The Perfect Day for Fat Loss

If you could make every day like this one, you’d be a lean beast in a few weeks or months. The road to a thinner waistline and a deflated spare tire is plagued with pitfalls, diet mishaps, and false supplement claims. Whereas many guys have likely tried one particular weight-loss

sexy girl

Want to lose weight? Snap that selfie

Snapping selfies isn’t vain and narcissistic. It’s good for weight loss. Science says so. So shut up and get out of the shot. Progress pics, before and after selfies and public declarations in virtual communities might seem like prime examples of our society’s growing narcissism, but it turns out that they