Wants Space…

Coach I’ve been living with my girlfriend for three years now and we’ve been going out for five years, since we were both 19, and last week, out or the blue, she said she wants to be single for a while. She swears there’s no-one else; she just wants to be by herself. What gives? Is this normal behaviour?

My young friend, nothing is normal when it comes to the female behaviour. She could be feeling a bit suffocated since it was such a heavy relationship from an early age, or she could be giving you the “slow no”, setting you up for the flick. Hard to say from here, but either way, not much you can do about it. Best just let her go with your best wishes. Don’t make any promises to be there for her.  Let her have her singleness, with its lonely, dinner-for-one nights, false insta-friends and an empty bed. She may very well come back. Meanwhile, you’re officially single, sunshine: boys’ weekends with mates, the gym, clubs, Tinder…nuff said.

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