Up In Arms

This ultra-effective exercise will give you bigger, stronger biceps.

Everyone wants an impressive six-pack — but it’s difficult to feel smug by comparing yours with everyone else’s when people will insist on wearing clothes. It’s much easier to check out the size of your rivals’ biceps, though, so here’s a foolproof way to increase the size of yours and give yourself the edge.

This move will put you on track for giant biceps while others are still banging out less effective curls, a move that tempts you to swing the weights up and down and rely more on momentum than muscle power.

“The beauty of my favourite bicep move is that your body position takes momentum out of the equation, forcing your muscles to manage the weight throughout,” says Nick Mitchell, founder of Ultimate Performance (upfitness.co.uk). “Your position also allows your biceps to work through a full range of motion, which is critical for it to reach its full growth potential.”

Click here for the Up In Arms Workout.

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