Unassuming Foods Making You Fatter

It’s no secret that pizza make you porky, but here are the unassuming foods making you fatter. Here’s how you can replace them with smarter alternatives because when it comes to getting lean ignorance is never bliss.


It’s an Aussie staple, but even supposedly healthier options containing fruit and/or fibre are brimming with sugar — a typical bowl contains up to 20% of your RDA. Stick to porridge oats for breakfast, which provide slow-release energy to power your morning.


Buns, loaves, baguettes — most of the baked dough sold in our supermarkets will send your blood sugar soaring. Instead, eat wholegrain bread, like Burgen Traditional Rye or Helga’s Ancient Grains with Quinoa.


You’ve probably heard that a glass a day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and enhance muscle endurance. We know it’s hard to stop at one and polishing off half a bottle will negate these benefits. This mean’s it’ll severely hamper your weight loss efforts. There is such as thing as having too much of a good thing.


Don’t let the floating nuggets of fruit fool you. A typical tub contains more sugar than a Kit Kat. Greek yoghurt, meanwhile, contains half the sugar and twice the protein of regular yoghurt. Add fruity bits yourself to fight the fat.


Drinks like Lucozade have their place – specifically when you’re an hour or more into a run – but otherwise they add useless carbs. For a boost, have a cup of green tea, which contains caffeine and recovery-enhancing polyphenols.


This refers more to indulgent lattes. Yes, the caffeine can boost your energy so you may get moving more. However, milky brews with sugar and cream won’t do you any favours. Stick to a milk-free Americano, ideally an hour before the gym so you’re converting those calories to gains.


When something says it contains the juice of five oranges this might sound like a good thing, but that’s an awful lot of sugar to process. To keep your blood sugar steady, opt for a vegetable-rich beverage instead, such as Vegesentials Celery, Apple, Kale and Kiwi juice.


This is one of the worst offenders for trans fats, even though it’s often marketed as healthy. For maximum nutrients, buy butter from grass-fed cows, such as Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter. Spread it lightly or use a avocado instead for maximum health benefits.

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