Two Happy (and very fit) Wanderers

We spoke to Daniel Georgievski and Dylan McGowan from the Western Sydney Wanderers about how they are preparing physically, mentally and nutritionally for the forthcoming season.

Dylan McGowan (Defender)

  • Born: 6 August 1991 (age 29 years), 
  • Height: 1.86 m
  • Weight: 80 kg

Daniel Georgievski (Defender)

  • Born: 17 February 1988 (age 32 years), 
  • Height: 1.79 m
  • Weight: 75 kg

How would you characterise the last season for The WSW? And how have you coped personally, and as a team, during this strange year?

Daniel: Definitely a strange one, not just from a football perspective but life in general. If anything it’s brought the team together and we’re looking forward to getting out on the pitch.

Dylan: Not ideal circumstances with something out of our control, felt we were building some momentum pre-Covid, however I’m treating it like a mini reset and can’t wait for the season to kick off on the 27th December.

From a training perspective, what does a typical week look like?

Daniel: It varies week to week, depending on the turnaround from game to game and how much recovery is needed. It can be anything from focusing on tactics, recovery, light sessions or double sessions on the pitch and in the gym.

Dylan: Normally 4-5 days a week with a few days off in between depending on the travel schedule and if we’re playing form home. Training consists of on-pitch sessions, video reviews and gym sessions in between.

Do you follow a specific diet? (e.g. Keto Paleo, etc)? If so, what? If not, what’s your nutritional philosophy?

Daniel: Not really, no. I’m more about a balanced diet and everything in moderation. Listening to my body on a day by day basis. I like to mix up my meals and have a bit of variety.

Dylan: No specific diet, depending on the time of year and the part of the season it’ll change. Balance is important and having delicious yet nutritious meals.

Herbalife Nutrition is your official Nutrition Partner, can you tell me what you like about their products?

Daniel: Great tasting flavours and a variety of protein, energy and hydration products.

Dylan: The specific products that help with recovery, fuelling, hydration and energy as opposed to a one size fits all product.

What’s Your Pre-Game Nutrition routine?

Daniel: It can vary depending on if we’re playing home or away. Usually a meal with a good mix of carbs and proteins, as well as staying hydrated with water and adding Herbalife24 CR7 Drive for pre-game energy and hydration.

Dylan: Usually some form of pasta or carbohydrate rich foods with a good source of protein, plenty of water, Herbalife Nutrition LiftOff and Herbalife24 Hydrate.  

What Herbalife Nutrition product do you use the most? Why?

Daniel: Definitely Hydrate and LiftOff given the warmer temperatures we train in. Some sessions reach 35+ degrees
Dylan: LiftOff for energy pre-game and a boost at half time, as well as Hydrate during tough sessions in the heat.

How do you prepare for a game mentally? Do you have a routine?

Daniel: No real routine. Relax with the family have a nice meal and a good night’s sleep. Of course it varies playing home or away and adding in travel.

Dylan: Very relaxed, try not to think about the game too much and focus on eating right and getting a good night’s sleep. If traveling away always good to listen to some music.

How do you wind down after a game and what’s your go-to post-game Herbalife Nutrition shake?

Daniel: Spend time with family and friends, Herbalife24 Rebuild post game and a good meal with recovery.

Dylan: Home with the family, Herbalife24 Rebuild shake with a good night’s rest.

Do you have cheat days? If so, what’s your favourite meal?

Daniel: More about a balanced diet for me and no real ‘cheat day’. I do enjoy a nice burger or pizza when I can sneak one in.

Dylan: Not necessarily a cheat day, but love to eat out at a nice restaurant, and always get dessert.

Since using Herbalife24, have you noticed a difference in your performance? If so, what?

Daniel: Sustained energy and feeling good after a demanding sessions

Dylan: Ability to recover quicker and prepare the body for a gruelling schedule

Always read the label, only use as directed

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt about nutrition during your athletic career so far?

Daniel: I think it’s to listen to your body and that everyone is different. Find what works best for you is important and making sure you’re educated on what the right fuels are.

Dylan: Balance is very important and the right fuels at the right time. Especially getting creative with foods to keep it interesting.

About Herbalife Nutrition’s Partnership with Western Sydney Wanderers FC

Herbalife Nutrition is Official Nutrition Partner and Senior Partner of Western Sydney Wanderers (WSW). Since partnering with A-League Team Western Sydney Wanderers FC in 2014, Herbalife Nutrition has continuously supported the team’s performance, providing the team with products from the Herbalife24 sports nutrition range to fuel their training and games. Globally, Herbalife Nutrition sponsors more than 200 sporting events, teams and athletes. Our sponsored athletes use Herbalife Nutrition products before, during and after training and games as part of their nutrition program. And in collaboration with international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, we launched Herbalife24 CR7 Drive – designed to meet hydration and training needs of Ronaldo and athletes at all levels. Dozens of elite sports teams around the world choose Herbalife Nutrition as their official nutrition company.

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