Why buy an E-bike?

Hills, schmills…make arduous climbs easier with an affordable e-bike.

Make short work of hills with an affordable E-bike

E-bikes are for lazy people and not real cycling, is the common outcry from supposed real cyclists. If that’s true, then MTBers using the chair-lifts at Thredbo in summer are lazy. And those MTBers who you see on Youtube smashing Whistler’s A-line aren’t real cyclists either.

Clearly that’s not the case. E-bikes help you pedal. They don’t do it for you. To quote from an excellent article in Outside magazine, “Electric bikes are normal bicycles that have been manufactured or modified to incorporate the assistance of an electric motor. It’s more accurate to call them electric-assist or pedal-assist bicycles because they do not go unless you pedal them.” So they assist you climbing hills, they don’t do it for you.

There are many places an e-bike is ideal. For MTBers who don’t live near erstwhile ski chairlifts in summer, it makes the going up easier which allows them to get more single-track runs in the day. It’s like having a “lift” of your own. Yeah Queenslanders and Sand Gropers, I’m talking to you.

Or it’s for the mongrel of a hill on your daily commute to work. In fact, e-bikes are an ideal solution to inner-city commuting, too. They park and lock like a normal bike, but won’t leave you looking like you just finished a 30 minute HIIT session when you arrive at your desk. Or it’s for older, less fit guys who want to enjoy the experience of cycling.

The thing is, there’s lots of opportunities to use an e-bike and, compared to some road high-end bikes, they aren’t that expensive. Just check out the ones below from Trek.

Which e-bike is right for you?

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Was $2,999.99 now $2,499

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Powerfly LT 9.7

Was $7,749 now $6,749

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Powerfly FS 5:

was $5,749 now $4,749

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Powerfly 5:

Was $4,999 now $3,999

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Powerfly 4

Was $4,499 now $3,799

Ride bikes, have fun, feel good.

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