Training Tips: 12 Tricks For Better Workouts

Training tips and tricks to recharge and enhance your workouts immediately.

Training tips: Hydrate

Your body is sensitive to water balance, so keep slugging water throughout your sessions.

Training tips: Carry a Stopwatch

For strength, wait two to three minutes before starting your next set. For muscle gains, go 60 seconds or less.

Training tips: Work Compound, Multi-joint Moves First

Include exercises such as the bench press, squat and deadlift in your workouts and perform them at the beginning when you’re fresh.

Training tips: Think Unilaterally

Single-arm or -leg training is a great way to correct imbalances, isolate muscles and address potential weak points.

Training tip: Jump On and Over Whatever You Can

Plyometric-style moves such as box jumps will teach your central nervous system to move explosively without having to decelerate a load.

Training tips: Throw Stuff

Throwing a medicine ball against a wall from various angles trains you to explode as hard as you can into a movement without having to slow yourself down for safety reasons.

Training tip: Vary Your Grips

Changing your grip width from set to set will recruit more motor units and get you a lot stronger from every angle.

Training tips: Don’t Stretch.  Get Warm Instead

Instead of doing the stereotypical “meathead stretch”, get your muscles ready to roll by warming them up for 5-10 minutes instead.

Training tip: Rack Your Weights

Leaving plates on the bar is an epidemic at most gyms. Think of it this way: when you put equipment away, take pride in knowing you’re performing that extra step few blokes think about.

Training tips: Find a Time to Train and Stick with It

If you can, choose one time to train, before or after work, and your body will adapt.

Training tip: Go the Distance

Three or four weeks isn’t enough to judge if a program is working. Maintain consistency for a few months with your regimen, then decide whether it’s time to switch things up.

Training tips: Learn a Variety of Free-Weight Moves

When you’re travelling, not every gym will have your favourite machines, so develop an arsenal of barbell and dumbbell moves you can take on the road.

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