The 5 Healthiest Home Meal Delivery Services

Nutritional home meal delivery services take the hard work out of hitting your nutritional goals.

Cooking and meal prepping isn’t easy, especially if you’re new to training or training hard for a big comp. And standard takeaway fare is out of the question. Don’t worry, we’ve don’t the trial tasting for you and here’s 5 of the best.


Started by a sports dietitian and an athlete, Dineamic makes good nutrition and delivers different types of meals (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian and Low FODMAP) around Australia. Dineamic offers a no-fads, no-fuss approach to high-quality nutrition. Their wide and varied seasonal menus with perennial favourites and sensational signature dishes are available to meet all kinds of dietary needs. Their meal plans can be tailored to your needs. Now using the new HaloPack recyclable eco packaging, using 92% less plastic.


Soulara is a home-delivered, plant-powered nutrition service that specialises in creating superfood-packed meals. Soulara takes a strong ethical and environmental stance and holds high nutritional standards. Their blacklist of additives and ingredients is long and targeted. Every meal is nutritionally designed by their expert chefs and nutritionists and conveniently delivered to your home. Clean eating at its best.


Connected to MyFitnessPal, Macros is, as the name suggests, all about tracking macros. Macro tracking is a tried-and-true nutritional strategy for changing body shape, as the before-and-afters on their site detail. Macros can tweak meals for specific goals, from weight loss to muscle gain. From Paleo to plant-based, the meals are healthy, tasty everyday meals, contoured to fit the nutritional goals of athletes and health-conscious people.


Pepperleaf offers pre-portioned meal kits for making an array of delicious meals, from Asian to Italian. A family business, Pepperleaf offers a vegetarian option, but their best feature is that this is farm-to-table home cooking. Plus, Pepperleaf vets their meals’ ingredients thoroughly, selecting only the finest and freshest, from farm to sea, only working with premier suppliers. This is a boutique, hand-made quality food service.

Lite n’ Easy

The most well-known is of course, Lite n’ Easy, thanks to an ongoing TV campaign, a good track record and reliably good service. From click to contactless delivery, Lite n’ Easy are a schmick home-delivery meal service with an emphasis on weight loss. Their meals typically incorporate five serves of veggies and two serves of fruit with a low sodium content and a low calorie load. Very effective for most people looking to lose weight or just eat clean.

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