Too-easy fat loss hacks

Forget counting calories and make getting lean second nature with these simple too-easy fat loss hacks every man can use.


Make your own meals

If you don’t prepare your own food then you can only guess at what you’re actually eating in terms of calories, macronutrients (carbs, fats and protein), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and fibre. Don’t have a clear idea of what you’re eating? You simply can’t stick to the daily limits needed to create a calorie deficit. This is when your body has no choice but to burn fat stores. Find some recipes and you’ll soon see it’s too-easy to get creative.


Eat gut-friendly foods

Nutrient absorption through the gut is a very effective fat loss hack. Inflammation of the gut lining can prevent absorbing nutrients. This can make you hungrier and knock your hormones out of whack, encouraging fat storage. Avoid foods that you’ve found to cause gut discomfort and eat more fibre (veg) and omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3 (oily fish). Also try taking a high-quality probiotic to replenish your gut with good bacteria.


Exploit your fasted state

At any given time, your body is in either a fed or fasted state. Being in a fasted state offers the best physiological conditions to optimise fat burning. So schedule your eating and training to take advantage of this. Avoid eating anything for two hours before and two hours after working out. Just drink water instead.


Don’t excessively rely on fat burners

At best, fat burners are an expensive combination of caffeine and green tea designed to raise the metabolism, though the science around ketone supplements are proving somewhat more effective than most burners. At worst you may be taking something detrimental to your health. Many people take a fat burner as an excuse to skip the gym when they’re tired (often because they aren’t eating enough) or short on time. This is done in the mistaken belief that it will do the job instead of exercise. But it won’t.


Be smart with carbs

One effective method to get you losing fat is to swap starchy carbohydrates, such as bread, grains, rice and potatoes, for fibrous carb sources like broccoli, cauliflower and dark leafy green vegetables. This will shift your body from fat-storing mode to fat-burning. You’ll also consume more fibre, vitamins and minerals essential to good health.


Avoid post-gym coffee

A pre-workout cup of coffee can improve gym performance thanks to the powers of caffeine. However, you should avoid it after training because it raises cortisol. Exercise increases levels of this stress hormone, which helps you make positive physique changes. That said, you need it to return to normal levels once you leave the gym.


Separate fats and carbs

Avoid eating fats and carbs together, if your rate of fat loss begins to stall. When you consume carbs insulin levels spike, and insulin’s job is to shuttle ingested energy to the areas of the body that need it most. If you’ve been training, these nutrients will be delivered to muscle cells. But excess energy you consume from fats and carbs gets stored in fat cells.



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