Tom Windsor: A Bloody Hero with a Moustache

Tom Windsor’s MoBros has been the highest fundraising team for Movember for the last 5 years. Here’s how they did it.

By Todd F. Cole

Tasmanian Tom Windsor is a bloody hero, literally. Recipient of the Local Hero Australian of the Year, 2020 award, Tom has done an extraordinary amount of good for Men’s Health. After losing his father to suicide when he was 23, Tom turned a family tragedy into a commitment to help other men by founding Mobart Mo Bros, which has grown every year to become Australia’s top Movember fundraising team, ever. And this year, he’s hoping to push the Mobart MoBros collective total over the million-buck mark, with the help of his mates, some socially conscious companies like Bulk Nutrients, and a whole bunch of dodgy moustaches.

Tom Windsor Mo

“This year, we’ve raised around $20k so far,” says Tom. “We have got a few big-ticket items to come in not least at all Bulk Nutrients contribution which we won’t know until the last week of the month. “ (Bulk Nutrients is contributing profits from its Electrolyte Plus to Tom’s team.)

After a few minutes chatting on the phone it’s obvious Tom is a nice bloke: genuine, funny, intelligent and easy-going. But that doesn’t explain how Tom has kept his place as Movember’s number one fundraiser for so long. Or how he even established it in the first place in a relatively small town like Hobart.

Tom Windsor

“We don’t chase the dollars to be honest. We have been the highest fundraising team for Movember for the last 5 years running in Australia… We just promote Men’s Health and how passionate we are about changing the face of Men’s Health to stop men dying too young and we do it in a pretty fun way… we make enough noise having a good time, and my phone just rings from people like Bulk Nutrients who just say how can we help out and where can we fit in and how can we support what you guys are doing – we love it.”

After losing his dad, a friend convinced Tom to focus on Movember to get his mind off his loss. Mobart MoBros started with a bunch of mates mucking around, for a good cause. “Our first Movember we did this stupid 200km relay run and none of us were runners  — we were a bunch of guys that played amateur footy together and we had never done anything like this before – we had never organised a run or an event, but it was just fun and we just had a good time doing it. 

“We had a couple of mini-buses from a mates dad who had a rental company and we were mates with a red bull rep who gave us a slab of red bull and that was pretty much what we ran on for 20 hours or so that it took us. We just had one person running with the “Mo Batten”, which was actually a cricket bat handle with a furry Mo taped onto the end of it and you would pass that over every 2kms and we would have the sliding doors of the mini buses with the megaphone and the music pumping, we just had a great time. So all of a sudden before we knew it in year 3 we had six mini-buses on the busiest highway in the state doing multiple runs at the same time and I just thought to myself, this is getting out of hand.”


After a few years Tom’s ill-conceived relay race morphed into Tasmania’s gruelling Point to Pinnacle, a hellish half marathon with 1271m climb. “We had some mates at the Point to Pinnacle — considered one of the world’s toughest half marathons — up Mount Wellington and we just started doing that. And once again, I think in our first year doing the Point to Pinnacle in 2010 we had about 15 runners in our team, now we are the official ambassadors for the event.”

Tasmania Point to Pinnacle

However you look at it, Tom and his team are making the world a better place. They started off doing something right, for the right reasons and it’s grown from there. Tom and the MoBros deserve all the accolades and support they can get. Kudos, gentlemen.

If you’d like to contribute to Tom’s Movember title click here. If you’d like to find out more about Electrolyte Plus, click here.

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