The Working Man's Workout

Build muscle and strength — on your time.

By Jason Pegg.  Photographs by James Michelfelder + Therese Sommerseth

A week has seven days, but as far as you and your training are concerned, there are really only two. Saturday and Sunday are the only days you have enough time to take care of responsibilities outside of your job and that includes training the way you want to. With this kind of schedule, you need to make the most of your weekends and that’s what this month’s program is about: gaining muscle when you can afford to.


You’ll train four days per week, but your two toughest, longest workouts will be on the weekends. No more getting up super-early to hit the gym or trying to rally for a big lift after working late. Your hardest training will come when you’re rested and ready. The quicker, lighter routines
on Tuesdays and Thursdays will easily fit into a busy day. You can do cardio on Mondays and Wednesdays or simply take time off if your schedule is tight. To customise the program even further, we’ve included alternative exercises to choose from depending on how you feel. Get ready to make gains at the speed of life.


The following are sample workouts. You can substitute a different move for any exercise with an asterisk (*) next to it. See the lists of exercise options on these pages.

Click here for The Working Man’s Workout.

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