The Ultimate Home Workout Set-Up

There is no doubt that the fitness tech space has been making waves around the world over the past few years, however one Aussie company has just emerged and they look like they are about to change the game.

And when nobody knows what the hell is going on with this pandemic and lockdowns, now is the time to invest in a one-stop-shop for a proper home workout.

While Peleton is great if you like spin classes, and Mirror is awesome for home workouts, for those who like to train resistance, measure their progress, ensure that they progress and not take up too much space in their home, I would like to introduce you to the Vitruvian Form.

Train all of your muscle groups with one device that weighs 20kg

The V-Form Trainer enables you to train all major and minor muscle groups in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to buy all different equipment, screw squat racks into your wall or think about where to store everything. You simply have one slim-form carbon-fibre platform that can generate up to 200kg (450lb) resistance. 

The V-Trainer sets your weight according to what you need to get results

Intelligent technology reads your strength capacity and tendencies, and adjusts accordingly to ensure you keep progressing. 
The V-Trainer is programmed with sophisticated algorithms by a team of industry leaders in sport science, physics and athletic training, the device interprets how you like to train, so it will constantly push you towards a harder, stronger and healthier workout. The device can add weight or lessen it itself based on how your are performing and your movement patterns 

Track and measure your progress

The device comes with an app that  communicates with the V-Form Trainer to execute and track every workout. You can also  view your full workout history, track your performamance data and progress overtime. For those who love to measure and track everything, this will be a dream for you

Never run out of workouts

There are also  hundreds of coached sessions and classes and the ability to customise workout plans by tapping into a massive visual catalogue of exercises.

The workouts the the machine together are also designed to keep you safe so there will be no need for a spotter

The V-Trainer was created by a high frequency trader and dad of three in Perth. Jon Gregory used to workout in his work breaks from home and while doing so utilised his algorithm abilities to create this smart device.