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The Ketogenic diet, ketones and ketosis are all buzzwords in the fitness world right now. However up until recently, reaching the “divine” state of ketosis meant an extremely strict diet that many would ditch after a few days. Enter the exogenous ketone supplement.

Undoubtedly one of the hottest fitness products on the market right now, ketone supplements have unlocked a range of benefits; fat burning, enhanced physical performance and endurance, heightened mental performance, anti-aging, reduced inflammation and mood stability.It also has other properties that can assist with heartburn, migraines and conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome and even irritable bowl syndrome.[1] What can’t it do!

Those in the fitness community who have converted to keto have been amazed at what it has done for their exercise regime, body and overall well being.

One company leading the ketone revolution is NutriScience with their popular product, Keto High Octane – recently reviewed as the #1 ketone supplement in the world.

High profile trainer and gym owner, Ian D’Andrade, put Keto High Octane to the test with his own fitness regime – as well as his clients – and raved about the results.

“Originally I used a brand called Keto//OS but after testing a few of the alternatives I made the switch to Keto High Octane and it’s transformed my energy levels completely,” he said.

“I trained for 56 days in a row – I’ve never done that,” he said.

Feedback from his clients has been 100% positive and Ian is seeing the results first hand.

“They’re able to train more consistently and their recovery times have improved. I’ve also noticed they can power through their workouts a lot harder, which is translating to quicker results.”

26-year-old Barratt Kennett became a keto-convert after previously lacking the motivation to get back to the gym and commit to his workout. After completing a 6-week challenge on Keto High Octane, he says it’s not only transformed his body, but changed his entire outlook on life.

“I’ve done gym challenges before, but nothing like this. My cardio has increased almost exponentially, but where I’ve seen the biggest gain is in my strength. Previously I’d struggle to get quick results in a challenge environment – but this time around I was doing three to four sets of a weight that I couldn’t even do one set of before – that’s literally a 400% increase in strength,” he said.

“Having completed the challenge, Keto High Octane has become part of my every-day routine”

I’m happier and I’ve got a lot more mental clarity and overall energy throughout the day – it’s really opened my eyes.”

The Keto revolution is not only changing the fitness world, but the medical world too. Research is being conducted in leading universities across the globe into the therapeutic application of ketones to help fight diseases like cancer, diabetes and alzheimers.

With all this in mind – what exactly is ketosis?

When your body runs out of sufficient carbohydrates (glucose) for energy, it switches to burning your stored fats instead. As a result, your liver begins to generate ketone bodies, shifting your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

Studies show that the body and brain actually prefer using ketones, being able to run 70% more efficiently than glucose. [2]

Before the arrival of exogenous ketone supplements, reaching and maintaining a state of ketosis was extremely difficult. It would ordinarily involve a strict, low-carb diet for 3 to 7 days (less than 20grams per day) and you’d have to maintain that on an ongoing basis or face starting all over. But now, thanks to science, you can unlock this ‘super human’ state within 30 minutes.


Not everyone it using it exclusively for fitness though, some people are claiming it’s completely changed their lifestyle.Just ask 58-year-old Michael Keegan, who has been suffering debilitating cluster migraines for more than a decade.

“For ten years I’ve been searching for a cure, but in the end I had to sell up most of my businesses because I just couldn’t cope.

“I needed a two-hour nap everyday and was taking a dozen painkillers daily just to stay on top of things.”

Michael admits to being a huge sceptic when his son suggested he try Keto High Octane. To his surprise, after just a few days, he started to feel the power of ketones.

“My energy levels started to come back a little and now, after three weeks, they’re through the roof!”

“I’ve got no migraines and I feel nearly hyper because I’m just so excited about it. I can get on and do a day’s work, play sport and still have time for the grandkids, it’s changed everything. I’m back to where I was 15 years ago.”

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