The Magnesium Cream Dream

If you just started a new training regime or upped your current routine, your muscles might be feeling a little more fatigued than usual. You may need some magnesium magic to help your body recover

One of the most common complaints that trainers hear from clients when they start or increase the intensity of their exercise routine is sore, tired muscles. Muscle pain, aches or stiffness, often known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) tends to show a day or two after exercising and can affect even the fittest of us.

When our muscles are forced to work hard than they are used to, microscopic damage to the muscle tissue occurs, leading to soreness or tenderness. That soreness is caused mainly by eccentric or lengthening component of an exercise eg: the downward phase of a bicep curl, squat or push up. Isometric (static) exercises contribute less to soreness while concentric exercises (where the muscle shortens) don’t cause soreness.

Lift Heavy With Ease
Lift Heavy With Ease

While muscle soreness can impede our impetus and ability to get back in the gym the next day, it is actually a natural part of the muscle adaptation process that leads to greater stamina and strength as the muscles recover and build.

For those that are looking to both prevent and treat muscle aches and pain, a topical magnesium cream applied directly the body can help. This is where Bioglan Active Magnesium Cream can help.

Bioglan Active Magnesium Cream has been formulated with high strength magnesium chloride plus cooling menthol to provide targeted relief to sore, aching muscles.

Most other muscle creams or gels on the market are targeted as reactive pain relievers after physical activity or injury; Bioglan Active Magnesium Cream can be used to help prevent muscle aches and pains. Applied directly to the skin, the cream passes directly into the muscle tissue where it is transported to cells in the body providing essential magnesium to keep your muscle in optimal condition.

Bioglan Active Magnesium Cream is a great option for those that need to top up their magnesium stores but can’t tolerate oral magnesium supplements. With 179mg of elemental magnesium per 5g teaspoon, it provides a high strength topical solution for your magnesium needs.

Magnesium is a great muscle relaxant and can help promote a more restful sleep. Try rubbing some Bioglan Active Magnesium Cream on your body before bed to help you get a better night’s sleep and revitalise your body.

Bioglan Active Magnesium Cream is available from Chemist Warehouse and leading pharmacies nationally.

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