The Experiment

Body Fit Training has opened its first Sydney studio at Town Hall in the CBD. The group fitness franchise, which has 21 studios open across Australia with more to come, was founded by Cameron Falloon, former personal trainer to Princess Diana, who also has 24 years in the industry working as a strength and conditioning coach and AFL high-performance manager.

“Body Fit Training is a combination of HIIT-style cardio and strength and resistance programs,” says Falloon. “The aim of each week’s program is to stress every energy system, train every muscle fibre type and work through different planes of movement.

It’s similar to training an AFL player, who needs to be aerobically fit, but also needs strength and power.” The 50-minute, group-style training sessions – which vary between such classes as Strength, Beast Mode, Summit, HIIT and Shred – change regularly, which means that you can constantly progress and challenge yourself, and never get bored.

“We plan and periodise each week so that our members don’t get hammered day in, day out, because we know that’s not good for longevity,” Falloon says. “What we also do is progress our programs over four to six-week blocks of training. “The purpose of this is that strength in particular is a skill.

If people don’t get the opportunity to practice and learn the skill, they don’t get the desired results. We want people to learn and progress with their training.” Every move is shown on multiple digital displays throughout the studio, which means that the trainers can spend more time focusing on correcting form and encouraging members to keep on pushing. You also have the option to wear a Myzone heart rate monitor belt, which displays how hard you’re training and how many calories you’re burning. It also guides you, as each move or portion of the workout has a target heart rate zone assigned to it. “We use heart rate technology to monitor members’ exertion levels and to help them understand when to push themselves and when to pull back,” Falloon says. “Most people don’t understand heart rate or what their bodies are capable of. It’s a fantastic way to personalise our programs.”

The verdict

We tried a few different classes, and humbly admit that they totally smashed us. This is definitely a training option for people who like to push themselves hard, get drenched in sweat and leave with a round of high fives and a smile on your dial. It’s easy to see how this method could get you results, fast –whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, strength or functional fitness.

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