Here’s the thing, your body has a harder time converting protein into a non-protein substance, and no study has yet conclusively shown how much protein you can eat before your body starts changing it to fat. Chances are, though, that the protein-to-fat ceiling is pretty darn high, because tons of studies have researched what happens when people eat lots of protein, and none has reported changes in body fat composition.

Here’s the perfect way to create 24-hour fat loss by following the methods that work.  To experience sustained results you need to put together ­­­the entire package, including proper nutrition, a good workout routine and appropriate lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. To clarify your path to […]

Metabolic workouts are so effective for weight loss because they put your body through the ringer, taxing certain energy systems to maximise conditioning and post-workout calorie burn. That’s right. Your body can churn through calories long after you’re done blasting out burpees and thrusters. High-intensity circuits are just one of […]

Just because you’ve clocked your final mile doesn’t mean your workout is over. Here are your post-workout must-do’s for success because what you do after your workout is just as important as what you do during it. After any workout—involving cardio or weights—your muscles are tired and begin breaking down. The […]

Hydration is the building block of life as we know it. Here are the 6 reasons to never neglect water so you always perform at your peak. You may not know it but you need to be more proactive about keeping yourself hydrated even when you aren’t training or being […]

Boxers, kickboxers, and mixed martial arts fighters don’t use treadmills to get ripped. Their shredded physiques come from fight training, of which pounding a heavy bag is a major component. Dust off the one in your basement, lace up the gloves, and beat your gut once and for all with this punching bag workout.   How it Works Hitting a […]

There seem to be hundreds of different approaches to becoming a ripped guy through diet and/or exercise. And while getting shredded is certainly not a one-size-fits-all endeavour, there are a few universal eating and fitness rules that do apply to everyone, no matter what your goal. First, get your diet […]

The beauty of the BOSU “ball”—you know, the sliced-in-half physio ball—lies in its ability to improve full-body stability, as well as intensify a number of cardiovascular activities. “The BOSU is an excellent tool, whether you’re a novice or an advanced trainee, in or out of the weight room, because it’s extremely […]