Swim Fitness Program – The Geoff Huegill Way




For those who have the will to ‘Get Speedo Fit’, this easy-to-follow workout plan is a great way to make the most of your time in the water and reach your fitness goals.

This is the Get Speedo Fit Swimming Program “Starter” level. If you’re a beginner or haven’t been swimming for a long time, this is the category for you!

As well as helping to improve stamina and muscle tone, swimming is also a great cardiovascular activity and the best choice for an all-over body workout, and vastly improved fitness, whilst virtually eliminating impact on joints and muscles. This program will help you to improve your swimming technique and physical conditioning.


  • The below program is designed for a 25m pool. If you are swimming in a 50m pool, halve the number of laps as directed.
  • The program is based solely on freestyle.
  • Allow for 20-30 minutes for each session
  • A ‘lap’ means swimming with no rest period

Included in your “Get Fit Kit” and within the program are a number of Speedo training aids. See below how Speedo Training Aids and Equipment can help to tone different areas of your body in the pool as well as boosting your strength, endurance, technique, and the calorie burning potential of swimming.

295x198 speedo 1CENTRE SNORKEL

The Speedo Centre Snorkel is designed to allow you to focus on improving body alignment, stroke and kick technique.

295x198 speedo 2EVA KICKBOARD

The Speedo Eva Kickboard is designed to improve your leg strength and kick technique.

295x198 speedo 3PADDLES

Speedo Biofuse Power Paddles increase the size of the hand, helping you to ‘hold’ more water and increase resistance and improve technique.

295x198 speedo 4FINS

The Speedo Biofuse Training Fins help increase kick propulsion to develop better flexibility in your ankles. They will help you move through the water more effectively if your kick is a weaker part of your stroke.

295x198 speedo 5PULL BUOY

The Speedo Elite Pull Buoy increases arm focus and improved arm propulsion. Placed between your thighs, it can be used to add an additional workload to the arms for a greater training effect and help to maintain a flat swimming position without any leg kick.

Before beginning the program, please watch the four freestyle videos supplied to you that provide a summary of correct breathing, positioning, kick and stroke.

You will also have a personalised introductory session with Geoff Huegill to assist with your technique and explain the below program, drill by drill.

Now let’s get started!


Week 1:

Speedo Week 1


Week 2:

Speedo Week 2

Week 3:

Speedo Week 3

Week 4:

You’ve just reached your goal of swimming 1km and are Speedo Fit.
There are two additional more advanced Speedo Fit programs of ‘Improver’ and ‘Performer’ if you are feeling up to the challenge. These programs along with the ‘Starter’ program you have undertaken are available to download from the Speedo Australia website – www.speedo.com.au.

Speedo Week 4


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