Six Australian Fitness Problems

The Knights kill your manly mojo

This silver clad mascot is more likely to see you punish a slab worth of scooners at the RSL, than rejoice with sporting silverware. That’s not where the self punch to the kidney’s ends because a paper at the University of Utah found your chief muscle building hormone – testosterone – rises if you back a winning team, while supporting a team on a losing streak sees your testosterone levels shoulder charged southward. The solution: support a back up team to give yourself a second stab at glory, just make sure it’s not the Titans.

The cockatoos wake you up 

Okay, so every alarm tone is nails on a chalkboard, but their unique harmony of screeches can make you want to self smother with a pillow. Trouble is, they’re doing you good. A study in the journal Sleep found night owls are 1.5 times more likely to be obese and twice as inclined to be physically inactive than early birds. This only applies if you hit the hay at a reasonable hour. So don’t be a boofhead about a Netflix binge because it’ll derail your ambitions of building a budgie-smuggler-ready rig this summer

Squatting in pluggers

In the past, gym receptionists were the gatekeepers for acceptable footwear, but the rise of the 24-hour fitness facilities has removed this security detail. Assume flat soled thongs are as good as Chuck Tailors to squat in, at your peril. You risk the plug popping out mid-squat which will lead to injury that’ll wreck your workout. Rather kick them off. Squatting barefoot helps people squat deeper and with slightly better form which can create healthier foot muscles, found a paper in the European Journal of Sports Science. After all, shoes are optional just about everywhere else in OZ.

The sausage sizzle post workout

Ignoring the local Lions club gent may seem un-Australian, but eating 40g of sausage products per day increases your mortality risk by 18%, says the University of Zurich. Admittedly, this may relate more to processed sausages. You can bet the mob behind the grill bought the cheapest snags and white bread making it a quality crap shoot. Keep your true blue cred by asking them for a whole egg on some white bread. It’s the least offensive to your health and has the protein and fast digesting carbs needed for you to recover like a boss.

The barbecue gets too much love

The gas itself has an impeccable track record, but it’s your grill technique that counts. The American Heart Foundation found excessively grilled foods can raise blood pressure and other research found increased cancer risks. As a culinary counterbalance marinade your meats for 30 minutes to reduce cancer compounds, cook for short periods, throw on a few vegetables and be sure to give the grill a thorough clean after each cook up.

Avo-toast means a second mortgage

In a country where kids are expected to learn about drugs from a giraffe in a van, it makes sense that a plentifully growing fruit is the reserve of high rollers. While it may cost a motza, you can still get all the benefits at half the cost if you switch to cheaper avocado oil. This is fights free radical damage and help you absorb more nutrients, says a paper in FASEB. Drizzle into smoothies, soups or over salads to get all the goodness, but without the bitch slap to the wallet.

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