Rugby Australia with 2XU

2XU has partnered with Rugby Australia in a three-year deal that will see the nation’s top rugby talent train, compete and recover in the world’s leading compression.

To celebrate the partnership, Men’s Fitness were invited to a Wallabies training session led by Assistant Coach Nathan Grey, alongside Wallabies Fly Half Bernard Foley, Prop Sekope Kepu and Lock Rob Simmons.

Rugby Australia is the latest in an extensive network of athletes, sports teams and sports organisations worldwide to have selected 2XU as their official compression partner, including the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Basketball Australia, Saracens FC, Life Time Fitness and USA Triathlon.

Decked out in the latest 2XU reflect run tights and tops, we were taken through some warm up drills and closed skills the Wallabies do on a regular basis – shuttle runs with ball passes, tackling (onto a soft, blue mat), medicine ball tosses and various agility drills.

Defensive coach and former Wallaby, Nathan Grey, stressed the need to know how to tackle and to be tackled safely. Focusing on accepting the tackle to reduce injury, we tackled other members of the team and some of the Wallabies present. The MF team were lucky enough to go against 120kg Sekope Kepu only to bounce back off him and hit the ground. A real respect was felt for the Wallabies who go head to head for 80 minutes being hit by a truck each time they pick up the ball.

The Wallabies 100 Point Recovery program

The day after each game the Wallabies have a 100 Point Recovery program designed to ensure they achieve maximum recovery in the shortest period of time. They need to score at least 100 points from the following activities

A twenty-minute cold water swim                            30 points

Wear 2XU compression gear for 3 hours                30 points

A brisk twenty-minute walk                                       20 points

A foam roller massage                                                 20 points

Yoga or Pilates class                                                     30 points

Ten-minutes of contrast water therapy                    10 points

Massage and manipulation                                         20 points



Why are the Wallabies using compression gear?

James Broatch from the Australian Institute for Sport, who tests and endorses 2XU sports compression gear, filled us about the history of compression gear, and supported studies behind how it really works.

Compression is traditionally utilised in medicine for the treatment of numerous circulatory diseases, including lymphedema [swelling, usually in the arms or legs], pulmonary embolism [blockage of an artery in the lungs] and deep vein thrombosis. Recent research has also reported compression to be effective in improving exercise performance and muscle recovery.

For example, independent research conducted by the Australian Institute of Sport and other research institutions have shown sport compression garments to improve cycling and running performance, lactate clearance and running economy.
Furthermore, compression has been reported to improve markers of recovery following exercise – including the recovery of muscle power and strength – and reduce markers of muscle damage and inflammation.

Although the exact mechanisms are not entirely known, these benefits are thought to be associated with improved circulation and body awareness, and reduced muscle vibrations, muscle swelling and/or feelings of fatigue and soreness.
Compression isn’t just clever marketing – there is a wealth of evidence to prove the real physiological benefits of wearing compression garments.

The agreement will see the Qantas Wallabies and both the men’s and women’s Rugby Sevens teams train, perform and recover in 2XU compression as they chase continued international success. 2XU Global CEO Paul Higgins said he was looking forward to seeing Australia’s best rugby players in 2XU compression in the lead-up to major international events including the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

“Our mission is to help athletes of all abilities train, perform and recover at their peak, and we’re excited to now extend this support to the nation’s top rugby talent,” he said. “2XU supports leading athletes and teams across a range of sports worldwide, but as an Australian company we’re especially proud to partner with Rugby Australia and to help drive their success on the international stage.”

“Both the Qantas Wallabies as well as the Australian men’s and women’s Sevens teams will now be kitted up in world-class compression to help them prepare for the world stage.”

Designed and tested in consultation with leading sports scientists and athletes, 2XU compression has been proven by the AIS to help athletes run up to 10.6 seconds faster over a five-kilometre distance and reduce their heart rate by up to 2.5 per cent for exercise bouts up to 15 minutes – these benefits and many more will propel the nation’s best rugby athletes through to 2020.

2XU compression is independently and scientifically proven to enhance training, performance and recovery for both elite and everyday athletes.

About 2XU

Founded in Australia in 2005, 2XU is the global leader in sports compression and high performance sports apparel. 2XU compression is designed and tested in consultation with sports scientists and industry experts, and is backed by independent, scientific research by the Australian Institute of Sport and other leading research teams. Present in more than 70 countries worldwide 2XU is the sportswear brand of choice for the world’s best athletes and sports teams. 2XU helps athletes of all abilities to train, perform and recover at their peak across sports including running, high-intensity interval training, basketball, football and triathlon.

Head here for more info on 2XU and here for all your Rugby Australia needs.

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