Review: Under Armour Flow Velociti SE

Under Armour have created a new release in their their best selling Flow Velociti range. We took it for a test run to see if you should part with your money.

Upgrades. Life’s natural defence against boredom. Software. Cars. Spouses. Puberty. Change is fun – sometimes hairy. You’re hardwired to fly toward it, like a Darwinian finch, even if that means your NAB balance is a few digits lower. But what happens you’re satisfied with what you’ve got? Such is the case with my Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind running shoes. They’re something I’ve used to keep my runs consistent in for at least a year. I’m not one of those GPS Picasso’s who likes to create masterpieces with Strava. A few 20-minute jogs each week are enough. These shoes gave me all the wanted, and unwanted, feedback I needed to keep doing the most boring sport on earth. Running. When the new Under Armour Flow Velociti SE shoes showed up on my door, I shrugged. So, what! I mentally clicked the X. I’ll upgrade later.


There’s something special about fresh running shoes. A whiteness so bright it singes the retinas. Once they leave their size-12 home, a cherry is popped and brown scuff marks act like sunnies. The ultimate downgrade. It generated a reluctance in me. My current shoes did the job, but new kicks eventually demanded a test drive. First impressions? They sport that same all-in-one cushioning system that kept my feet moving through the dud tracks in my run playlist. The Velociti SE felt just as light and snappy as the Under Armour Velociti Winds, but somehow served up a different running experience. Good different. Impact forces were distributed more evenly with each strike. Weird, considering the soles looked almost identical to my previous pair. Who was I to judge what fancy sole patterns did what?


What did strike me was the Velociti SE’s fit. They are more comfortable to slip on thanks to their internal moulding that acts like a built-in sock. This part of the shoe fitted my foot almost like a surf bootie, especially around the top part of my ankle. It is flexible so doesn’t offer any support but does seem to make the shoe grip my foot better. This was especially true when I lifted my feet. This complimentary sock seems to delete that split second of drag time between when my foot lifts, and the shoe raises. It generated an understanding between foot and shoe. They are one. Since I run on roads, it’s also meant that I’ve never had a little asphalt stone kick up and land in the shoe and spoil my run’s rhythm. A nice touch.


The Under Armour Flow Velociti SE built in booties might give your feet a bear hug, but they don’t make your feet sweat like Kyle Sandilands on a Maccas run. They have enough holes and breathable fabric to get away with wearing the post run socks around the house without smelling like a bowling shoe that’s spent time in a sauna. Like my previous pair, they also connect to the MapMyRun app which connects to your phone after a maximum of three finger taps. This is always improving and if you’ve never used it, you should know that it analyses your run distance, pace, stride length and will even tell you how many calories you burn. It even tells you how hot it was, humidity and wind speed, so pretty much all the pep talk from mother nature you could ever hope to use.


Wear the Under Armour Flow Velociti SE and everyone will mention them. It’s a knee jerk compliment. Some will even gesture toward your beautiful white upgrades with their filthy shoes. The joke is funny the first time. It gets old quickly, but never fails to flatter. As such I’ve taken to reserving these for gym sessions where runs on done on treadmills set to COVID cleanliness protocols. They work just as well in these conditions and will make sure your footwear’s circuitry keeps giving. Mile after mile. And if that doesn’t get your wheels moving then nothing will. That upgrade is worth the price of admission alone.

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