Review: JBL/UA Sport Wireless Headphones

Like headphones that stay on no matter what? We Review JBL/UA Wireless Headphones


  • Stay in place even during the most arduous workout
  • Good sound
  • Solid carrying case
  • Good battery life
  • Talk-Thru Button to temporarily silence music

JBL make loudspeakers. Under Armour makes clothes, mainly for training. Both have come together to make head- and earphones. It’s like two friends hooking up that you never thought would. It’s cool, but odd and a little unsettling, nonetheless.

The first pair we’ll look at are the headphones. Although there’s a debate on the name,  I think headphones fit over the head and earphones fit in the ears. Anyway for the sake of this piece, headphones fit over your head.

Earphones are ubiquitous these days. It’s seems everybody has white iPods magically hanging out of their ears like some technological parasite. And admittedly iPods and their ilk are very good. But have you tried to work out with them? They threaten to dislodge with every lunge, burpee or Russian twist.

That’s where headphones come into their own. Headphones can clamp to you head. And because they’re bigger, they can contain more electronics and host a bigger battery. This gives JBL/Under Armour’s headphones a big head-start if you’re looking for a pair to train with. And JBL/Under Armour’s headphones don’t’ budge an iota even with the most arduous workout.

Hill sprints, chins, and even a couple of MMA sprawls didn’t budge them. But what about the sound? Well, they pack 40mm drivers. Drivers are like speaker cones, so the bigger the better. And when it comes to speakers, JBL know what they are doing. They sound is impressive. Not brilliant, drop-to-the-floor-and-cry in ecstasy brilliant, but it’s very good. And certainly good enough to drown out the meathead next door grunting as he curls in the squat rack. (Yeah, you know who you are.)

Price-wise, they at the bottom of the middle range and represent good value for money, if that’s all your budget can afford. There’s a lot of choice in the market and you could find a better offering in terms of sound. But the fact that these are made for sports and training makes them unique. You can wash the ear cups and like said before, they’ll stay on, so much so that you may feel like the Vice guy from the movie Casino. Seriously, they are good and worth a look.


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