Rev up your Recovery

Building muscle and getting stronger aren’t just about pumping iron. Planned recovery is just as important. Here are two pretty unique top-line products that aim to alleviate workout pain, boost muscle growth and get you back in the gym sooner rather than later.

Pickle juice

Dehydrated athletes experienced faster relief from muscle cramps after drinking pickle juice, according to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Scientists believe the vinegar in pickle juice helps to stop the nerve signals that make tired muscles cramp.

Our choice: Pickle Juice Sport contains ten times more electrolytes than other sports drinks and aids in the prevention of muscle cramps. It’s also 100% natural. Originally Developed in 2001 with the dual purpose of replenishing electrolytes lost during strenuous exercise and addressing muscle cramps, The Pickle Juice Company has evolved to become one of “the best kept secrets” in the Athletic Trainer and Elite Athlete communities.

It can be purchased from 

Recovery pump

A recovery pump increases venous [the veins that drain into the heart] return, quickly ramping up the body’s reabsorption of the elements causing soreness and fatigue in the muscle. It raises all levels of the venous system, effectively removing metabolic waste faster.

Our Choice: The Recovery Pump X has a unique foot design which compresses the bottom of the foot for increased circulation. The research behind this portable compression system has shown it to be a fast, simple and effective way to relieve workout fatigue and bolster recovery time. Included in the Complete RPX System package is one set of RecoveryBoots with integrated hoses & pump. Once connected (very easy!), the RPX system can deliver a variety of medically proven treatment protocols to achieve accelerated muscle recovery and aid in injury rehab. The RPX comes with 3 Preset Programs (Recovery, Pre-Train, Isolate) and 3 Custom Programs that the user can set for their own personal treatment.

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Club Warehouse

Club Warehouse is Australia’s leading distributor of sports medical and physiotherapy supplies. Their product range extends from simple first aid needs to pharmacy, sports performance, and extensive physiotherapy supplies through to sophisticated sports recovery equipment.


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