Recharge Your Digestion For Muscle

Eat the best diet, but if you’re not absorbing the nutrients you need to think about recharging your digestion for muscle. You are not what you eat – you are what you absorb. This lack of absorption is more common that you might think because the Australian Food Authority found that up to 25 per cent of Australians have some forms of food intolerance. You may feel a little sick or bloated after certain fare or simply won’t absorb any of the nutrients. Most people lack the enzymes to digest a quarter of the protein in a typical piece of red meat. So to make sure you stomach is operating at maximum efficiency here’s the foods you need to enhance your digestion, improve your health and help you gain more muscle.


Cabbage often has some unwanted side effects, but it could be worth suffering through those winds of change. Fermented foods, have probiotics that aid intestinal bacteria. Other fermented foods worth eating include: kefir, yoghurt and dill pickles.

Apple cider vinegar

This kick starts the production of hydrochloric acid in your gut, which break downs your food. Mix with water or add to salad dressing and sauces.


They reduce inflammation, which helps to aid digestion. Plus, it’s high in fibre that’ll help ease the rest of your food through your system. The perfect food to use as a recovery aid. 


Embrace flavours that come from fennel, clove, coriander, peppermint, paprika, garlic and mustard as they increase salivation, improving digestion.

Omega 3’s

These stamp out inflammation while helping food move through your digestive system and nourishing the cells in the intestinal lining.

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