Real Men Eat Their Fruit and Veg

Listen up men, Boost Juice coming at you. It’s time for us all to grow some mangoes and unleash our inner adventurers this summer.

Here at Boost Juice we are all about getting in our fruit and veg, but it’s surprising to know that the CSIRO found that only 15% of men are actually getting the recommended serves of fruit and veg in each day (pssst. That’s 2 fruits and 5 veg, in case you didn’t already know).

Fruit and veg are critical for our health, they provide part of our daily intake of water, contain vitamins and minerals that fight off infection and disease, and are a great source of carbohydrates. We all know that carbohydrates are what fuels our body, and therefore the more we ingest, the more energy we have to use (…you knew this…right?).

But too often we are eating the wrong type of foods that don’t fuel our body properly, gym buffs I’m looking at you, it’s time to push those protein shakes and pre-workouts aside and swap it for something wholesome and delicious. We recommend some lean meat on a bed of lettuce with steamed veg and added fruit for sweetness, or as a quick alternative, a smoothie packed with all your favourite real fruit and veg, keeps it interesting and different each day so you never get bored!

And don’t you dare be scared of sugar! You are grown men, and I’ll have you know, sugar is a crucial part of your diet when coming from real fruit and veg and not processed sugar which is so often found in pre and post workout supplements. Sugar is just another type of carbohydrate and did you know, a study by Macquarie University found that men smell more attractive to women when they eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables as opposed to a high carb or high fat diet. And who wouldn’t want that!

Real men eat their fruit and veg, so why not be a real man this summer? Get your fix of fruit and veg on the go at your nearest Boost Juice store.

From your friends at Boost Juice.

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