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How to make your business BOOM!

Have you ticked-and-flicked quotes to potential customers, without giving them much effort or thought? Yep, most tradies get pretty complacent about it. If this applies to you, you’re throwing money away. Why? Quoting is a trust-building exercise.

People buy from people they like. Putting together slap-dash quotes won’t make a lasting impression on would-be customers. Pull your socks up or kiss those potential customers and profit goodbye.

Step onto The Trust Escalator™

What, the? The Trust Escalator is a series of steps potential buyers usually go through when making buying decisions. You’ll see what this means in the image, below. As you travel up the 5 levels, it’s your job to win over customers and covert them as you go.

Image alt tag: The Trust Escalator, Lifestyle Tradie. Here’s your plan of attack.

Level One – Business

On the first level of The Trust Escalator, your potential customer is looking for information about you and your business. They’re stalking you!

At this early stage, all you’re trying to do is encourage them to make contact. You’ll want to woo them in with your website.

Ultimately, customers will mostly base their buying decision on the quality of your website. How does yours stack up?

Level Two – You

On the second level of The Trust Escalator, the customer is thinking: ‘Do I want to do business with you?’ It’s up to you and your team to put in the grunt work. There’s power in the small details when you’re in the process of building trust.

  • Showing up on time, or calling ahead if you’re delayed
  • Putting on disposable boot covers when entering a site, to leave the home or site clean and tidy on departure
  • Small talk. Make the customer feel like they want to do business with you by sparking a conversation on-site or over the phone.
  • Overall presentation. How do you show up?

Level Three – Product/Service

On the third level of The Trust Escalator, it’s your chance to reassure that customer you’re the right person to complete the work. Your professional suggestions, your knowledge, your confidence, the language you use, and the visual aids you share will all have an impact on whether the customer will continuing the climb with you.

Level Four – Price

On the fourth level of The Trust Escalator, the conversation turns to price. Are you confident in communicating your value? Until a customer understands the value your product or service has for them, no price will be right. Focus on the benefits, not features. How can solve your customer’s problem. What’s ‘in it’ for the customer? A product’s benefit results from a feature – and provides value.

Level 5 – Time

Time is the final stop on The Trust Escalator. Depending on the kind of work you’re quoting on, you could let the customer know of your availability for the coming months. Ask if they’d like to pencil in a date or call the customer a few days after providing the quote. When’s they last time you followed up with a call? Patience pays.

Stay in touch. Add them to your mailing list. Be front-of-mind without being an overbearing pain in the you-know-what.  

Welcome to the top floor!

If you nail The Trust Elevator in your trade business, you’ll see your quote conversion rate increase to new levels. Boom.

Getting your quotes right is a major part of winning work (or losing it). Download our 5 cheat sheets to generate more conversions.

Written by Andy Smith

Co-founder, Lifestyle Tradie

Lifestyle Tradie is an award-winning education program and community for trade business owners who want to make more profit and fast-track financial freedom.

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