Pulling Power: The Ideal Social Profile

Boost your chances of finding a match by following these simple online dating rules to create the perfect profile.

DO: Use a recent photo

There’s nothing wrong with looking your best in your profile — as long as your best wasn’t 15 years ago. While a good photo may get you more hits, research from the University of Sydney suggests that those who fail to live up to online expectations in the flesh were often perceived as dishonest, lowering their chances of long-term intimacy.

DON’T: Pull a cheesy grin

Your mum might have told you that you have a lovely smile, but this isn’t the place to show it, according to a Canadian study. Men who smiled on their profiles were deemed too feminine and more desperate for sex.  Women said a neutral expression or one of pride was more attractive.

DO: Be positive

While a bit of irony may seem harmless or funny — “I wrote this profile because I’m lonely and desperate” — it can be seen as cynical pessimism and the sign of a negative person. If you find it a bit embarrassing to appear happy and confident, ask a mate to write your profile. Make sure it’s a good mate.

DON’T: Exaggerate

Write about the “real” you, not the “ideal” you, says a recent US study. An estimated 80 percent of people lie on their profile and, while you need to sell yourself to get attention, know where to draw the line — falsehoods about your age or weight are easily revealed on first meeting.

DO: Be funny

If you’ve got that much sought-after “GSOH” (good sense of humour), you need to prove it — never just claim to be funny. Try to write wittily and demonstrate the type of humour you like. According to the Journal Of Communication Research, this will generate more confidence in your personality, which will increase the chance of interest.

DON’T: Be sloppy

Spellcheck could be the solution to romantic fulfilment. A study published in the Journal Of Computer-Mediated Communication found that poorly written profiles with spelling or grammar mistakes or sections left incomplete were seen as less attractive because they suggested a lack of interest or education.

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