Nutrition: Fuel Your Body

Two Happy (and very fit) Wanderers

We spoke to Daniel Georgievski and Dylan McGowan from the Western Sydney Wanderers about how they are preparing physically, mentally and nutritionally for the forthcoming season. Dylan McGowan (Defender) Born: 6 August 1991 (age 29 years),  Height: 1.86 m Weight: 80 kg Daniel Georgievski (Defender) Born: 17 February 1988 (age 32 years),  Height: 1.79 m Weight: 75 kg How would you characterise

Unassuming Foods Making You Fatter

Unassuming Foods Making You Fatter

It’s no secret that pizza make you porky, but here are the unassuming foods making you fatter. Here’s how you can replace them with smarter alternatives because when it comes to getting lean ignorance is never bliss. CEREAL It’s an Aussie staple, but even supposedly healthier options containing fruit and/or

ripped guy

Eat Like a Ripped Guy

Do you want to be a ripped guy with abs for all seasons? The answer is a matter of priorities and discipline. Think about it: Are you willing to cook your own food. instead of eating pre-made meals or buying takeout? Count your macros and measure your food portions? Eat salad while the rest of

What is this Super Supp?

Athletes are reporting improvements in triathlon times, 2 mile runs, push ups, sit ups and overall fitness because of the next big thing: Pycnogenol


Your Guide to Drinking Whisky

We shared a wee dram with Brand Manager for Whisky at Southtrade International Andrew Milne, who told us everything you need to know about this delicious golden drop.  What makes whisky, well, whisky? According to Milne, it varies country to country slightly, but essentially it’s a spirit made from fermented

Steak & Broccoli Nacho Penne

Steak & Broccoli Nacho Penne

Pasta Power: Crucial fuel for your brain and muscles, with that comfort food feel. What’s not to love about this cracker of a carb?

meal prep example

Be a Meal Prep Master

NUTRITION Because proper meal prep is one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet. If the first time you think about what you’re going to eat for dinner is when you step in the door after work, the odds of making a healthy choice are not in your favour. When

A Crafty Way to Tackle Mental Health

Sydney based social enterprise, Craft Beer Coopery, is a craft beer subscription service with the aim of bringing mates together to tackle the growing isolation many Aussies experience, which can often lead to mental health issues.

On Your Marks!

If you’re serious about performance, recovery and results, you need to be monitoring your biomarkers.

Why You Need Vitamins and Minerals, Today!

The conversation around vitamin and mineral supps can be a murky one.With so many brands to choose from, and celebrity ambassadors endorsing their use, it can be a minefield working out what’s relevant to you and your lifestyle.

The Case for Keto

Sugar and grains are harming your health and the only smart way to eat is to follow a ketogenic diet, says The Keto Reset Cookbook author Mark Sisson.

The Test for Testosterone

Testosterone boosting pills tug at that niggle of self-doubt that tells you could be manlier, more muscled and better than the guy next to you. It’s an easy sell, if it were true, so here’s how to make sure you’re not scammed.

scared cow

Can you Go Meat Free for a Week?

Maybe you should give your bowel a break from meat. Really, you should give it a crack. Studies show that bowel cancer risk increases by 17% per 100g of red meat consumed per day and by 18% per 50g of processed meat consumed per day.

The Best and Worst foods a man can eat

Food Rating Key Not all food is created equal. Some is good, some okay some downright bad and some should be banned. Here’s out list of culinary culprits. A = Eat as often as you likeB = Eat every day, in moderationC = Eat once a weekD = Limit your

A Cut Above

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slicing into a juicy, tender steak when you’re hungry. It seems to stir something primal deep inside, awakening your inner caveman. But while most blokes love eating meat, we’re not quite so handy at cooking it. Which is why we’ve asked an expert to help.

athletes drinking

How to Drink Booze and Stay Fit

Eight ways how to drink like an athlete Face it, gents: Despite all of your healthy choices, the threat of the beer gut isn’t enough to stand between you and a booze-soaked social calendar. You know you’re going to do it anyway so you might as well approach the bar just

What to Eat on Race Day

Whether you’re preparing for a marathon or an Olympic-distance triathlon, you need a smart nutrition strategy to fuel your training sessions and recovery — and help you put in your best performance on race day. STAGE ONE: THE NIGHT BEFORE: 7.00pm Traditionally, endurance athletes used to spend the entire week

Peanut butter, yes please.

The nutty paste is back in fashion, but is its healthy reputation justified? At first glance, peanut butter’s place in the pantheon of healthy foods seems somewhat questionable, since it’s high in both fat and calories. However, take a step back and the wider picture reveals peanut butter’s merits, especially

6 Gluten-Filled Foods That Are Good For You

Stop with the self-diagnosis already. Unless your doctor has declared you gluten-intolerant, don’t be so quick to cut these healthy foods from your diet. All it took was one major study that showed that gluten intolerance was, in fact, a real issue for the entire world (it seems like it,