To Your Door: Australia’s Best Meal Delivery Services for Men

If your idea of cooking is ordering delivery, you’re in luck. Meal delivery services (armed with top chefs, nutritionists, and even laboratories!) are letting more men eat their way—without all of the extra grease, sodium, and oh-so-obvious restaurant belly that are often a packaged delivery deal.

Meal delivery services are booming in Australia – They save you time and can help you stick to your weight-loss or muscle-gain plans. But which ones are worth the dosh? MF investigates some different offerings available in Australia, to help with your nutrition, whatever your goals may be…

Lite n’ Easy

WHAT: Lite n’ Easy is a flexible meal delivery service that offers healthy meal plans which can be adapted to your needs. There’s even a special app on the website that helps you work out exactly the right plan for you. You can choose a full
meal plan (breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks) or any other combination such as lunches and dinners only.
Available everywhere except Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 

BEST FOR: Anyone looking to lose weight or simply enjoy healthy meal convenience.

Five Point Four

WHAT: Choose from five scientifically-designed meal plans (women’s or men’s low carb, active lifestyle, muscle gain or vegan) tailored to your individual goals. The meals are high in protein, low in carbs (or containing only good carbs), low in sugar and saturated
fat while using the leanest cuts of beef and chicken breast. There’s no white rice, potato, cream, bread, pastry or processed cheese in any of their meals. The macronutrient measured, pre-prepared meals are designed specifically to improve wellness, increase energy and burn fat. The site has some distinctive options with four- and eightweek challenges to help you
smash your goals faster, plus meals for vegans. 

BEST FOR: Active blokes who are too busy to stuff around measuring their own macros.

Muscle Meals Direct

WHAT: choose between 12, 18 or 24 meals per week, n standard, “heavy” or “lite” sizes. With the flexibility to swap proteins, sides and sauces, each meal is completely customisable. There are also weight loss, muscle gain, bulking, shredding and active lifestyle meal plans for both men and women. Home delivery is available in most states, and there are also designated pick-up points where you can collect your meals. 

BEST FOR: Anyone who wants help in achieving their health and fitness goals.


WHAT: Choose from 1200, 1500 or 1800 calorie meal plans, or go for the 5:2 option to enjoy some of the benefits
of intermittent fasting. The “food cleanse” detox gives your digestive system a break from wheat, gluten, dairy, red meat, sugar and processed foods in general. You can also order a five-day lunch and dinner pack, single meals, or build your own plan.
All meals made with only wholefoods, high protein with absolutely NO preservatives or additives. Snap frozen
to lock in nutrients. 

BEST FOR: Those looking to eat clean and who want the convenience of nutritious frozen meals.

Hello Fresh 

WHAT: You get a box of  fresh ingredients delivered to your door each week, along with healthy recipes to follow. You then cook the food yourself. You can order three to five meals per week for two to five people. Recipes change each week and everything is provided, even herbs and spices. Delivery is available in suburbs across Australia.

BEST FOR: Families, couples, housemates or singles who like to cook their own meals but would like to save time on food shopping.


WHAT: A range of healthy, ready-to-eat fresh meals, high-protein snacks and desserts, protein powders and cold-pressed juices. Order a few to keep in the fridge for busy days, choose a “bundle” or go for a customised meal plan to help you lose
weight, gain muscle or just clean up your diet. No lock-in contracts and they even offer a minibottle of Shiraz that you
can pair with a meaty meal. Now that’s classy. 

BEST FOR: Busy peeps who want to eat better but barely have time
to scratch themselves.

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