The Man Challenge: How Trav lost 28 kilograms

Created by Rugby League legend Adam Macdougall, The Man Challenge is a 10 week exercise and food program. It is designed for real blokes who don’t have the time or find the idea of losing weight too confusing and difficult.

Mat Travis is just one example of hundreds of guys who have trimmed down on the 10 week program.

Registration for the next Man Challenge closes at midnight AEDT next Monday 7th March.


Name: Mat Travis

Age: 43

Lives: Sydney, NSW

Job: warehouse manager

Height: 183cm

Before: 130kg

After: 102kg

Lost: 28kg


matthew travis before mono Trav_alpha_WEB

When I moved up the ranks in the army, I blew out and got lazy.  I could get away with eating and drinking anything: fast food, doughnuts, soft drinks — and everything was super-sized. I didn’t feel good about myself or the way
I looked.

Turning point:
I was sitting on the couch one night eating popcorn and drinking a bottle of Coke when
I got chest pains.
I thought I was having a heart attack, and it lasted all through the night. So the next morning I threw all that junk food in the bin. It scared me into doing something.

The Challenge:
I googled and found the 10-week Man Challenge. What appealed to me was that it said you could still have a burger and a beer. It was hard at first but then it becomes a part of your life. Because
of what they tell
you in the videos,
I realised I didn’t have to have fries with everything or the biggest steak. The videos tell you what’s good about the food they suggest you eat. Some of the exercises were difficult at first because of old football injuries — for example, I just wasn’t agile enough to do the squats. But you can modify and  two weeks in I started to lose weight, and people started to comment. I got into it so much that when I didn’t do the exercises I would get cranky.

I feel like a normal bloke again. I have two kids, and now I can do more things with them: I can even chase after my son without losing breath. I’ve also gone back to playing rugby union. And there’s more variety in the clothes I can wear —
I don’t have to go to the big man’s section anymore. I feel so much better.



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