Lost or Loser?

My new wife’s son is 22 and lives with us, in my house. It wasn’t supposed to be long term, but he’s been here 6 months now. The thing is, he’s a freaking lazy entitled shit. He hasn’t had a job, ever, and doesn’t do chores. He sleeps most of the day then plays Fortnite until he goes out with his mates at night. Gets home at 2am. Repeat. My wife allows it, even encourages it; thinks he’ll one day become an actor or an entrepreneur. I can’t stand it. It’s a source of great tension and causes fights. What do I do? Brian – Townsville


You sir, are between a proverbial rock and a harder place. Give the lazy millennial (LM) a serve and kick him out and new wifey will think you’re an arsehole and turn off the sex tap. Or live with it and go slowly crazy. Here’s what you have to do: kick him out. Yes, the faecal matter will hit the blades and there will be a monster fight. Yes, LM will call you all manner of names and wifey might go a bit cold on you, but it’s better for him, better for you and your new wife. Two alpha dogs can’t live in the same house and he needs to get cracking on life. You need to start building your new marriage. So, pick a time, state your case to both of them, give him a timeline and enforce it. Stay calm. Good luck, mate.