Lockdown relief

If lockdown left some grooming casualties, we have the relief package. 

1.Problem: dandruff

Head & Shoulders Shampoo

If the time inside has caused you to suffer from scalp problems, such as itchiness, white flakes in the hair and a red and irritated scalp, chances are you have dandruff. Not uncommon. It’s basically a fungus that lives on all of our scalps, surviving by consuming the natural oils produced there. It’s pretty much harmless to most people, but for some, it’s downright annoying. Proven to work in hundreds of clinical studies, if you want to control the flaking, give this one a go. 

3. Problem: ingrown hairs 

Proraso Pre-shave

If you want that soft, close, clean shave, you need to use a pre-shave. Made with eucalyptus oil to soothe, while menthol gives a pleasant feeling of freshness. Pre-shave application is an essential part of a shaving ritual, not just to ensure a smooth, more efficient shave, but also to help prevent skin irritation and ingrown hair, as well as keeping your razor sharper for longer. Proraso pre-shave prepares your skin surface for the ultimate slick, clean, soft shave. prorasoaustralia.com.au 

2. Problem:unruly beard

Gillette Heated Razor

 As the days melted together, did you let your beard go rogue? If you did, GilletteLabs has a solution guaranteed to please, and it’s a first of its kind. GilletteLabs have announced the release of the Heated Razor, which offers a barber-quality shave, all from the comfort of your own bathroom. The new device incorporates the best technology to deliver a sustained heat sensation through a warming bar across the razor. Like a hot towel, this is pure pleasure.direct.gillette.com.au 

4. problem: boredom 

Marvis Toothpaste 

 If days are beginning to merge together, give yourself a gear change with a new toothpaste experience designed to entice the tastebuds and leave teeth smooth and white. Marvis is a hip new brand that has created this classic range of flavoursome toothpastes. Hey, why not? Why should the morning ritual remind you of a trip to the dentist? Instead, start the day with the taste of pineapple and mango, or blackforest or orange blossom, all with a pleasing texture. Imported from Italy, the new Marvis toothpaste range will bring a smile to your bathroom. marvisaustralia.com.au

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