In her rookie year on the pro circuit, the 19-year-old former junior world champion from Sydney has ripped her way into the world’s top 10.

What’s your favourite wave manoeuvre that always scores you big points?

Secret! Ha, ha. I’m still constantly working on improving my surfing. It’s good to have variety when you surf a wave, so I try to mix it up.

Biggest wave you’ve ridden?

Sunset Beach,  Hawaii. About 12 feet [four metres]. Big waves are a thrill.

Scariest wipeout?

I got held down by a couple of big waves in Micronesia. I actually thought I was going to pass out.

Off the board, what sort of fitness/strength/cardio work do you do?

I do clinical Pilates every day, which is all about strength and core, mixed with cardio — running and walking.

Best tip for a guy wanting to ask a girl out?

No lame pick-up lines!

What should every man wear?

Nothing too tight! There’s tight, and then there’s a line where it becomes too tight for casual wear. I like simple, stylish clothes.

What should every man own?

A suit.

If you’re being taken out for dinner, what sort of restaurant would you like it to be?

I like Mexican food.

“In 2012 I’d like to…”

Make the top five on the World Tour and continue growing,  learning and being creative in every aspect of life.

A word of advice to men everywhere…

Be nice to your mum.


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