Is Sitting Down Killing You?

Posted On By Todd F. Cole

There is a growing consensus among doctors and health professionals that too much sitting is a serious health risk. A height-adjustable sit-stand desk gives you the freedom to work sitting or standing any time you like. Why is that important? Because humans were not built to sit all day – we were built to move.

Studies show that even regular exercise isn’t enough to counteract the damage you can do by sitting at a desk all day. In fact, for every hour you spend sitting, you can lose up to 16% of the benefits you get from a run or a workout. With VARIDESK, office time can also be active time.





  • Lets you switch easily between sitting and standing
  • Converts your current desk into a standing desk
  • No installation or Assembly Required
  • No-Risk, 30-Day Money-back Guarantee


Add VARIDESK Accessories to Create the Ultimate Active Office Setup

VARIDESK accessories give you the benefits of all the latest ergonomic office tools and help you get the most out of your sit-stand desk.


Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • Make standing as comfortable as sitting
  • Cushion and protect your feet, legs and back
  • Prevent pain and fatigue from head to toe
  • Improve productivity and relieve stress