Welcome to Body Grooming 101.



The very word makes us cringe. Manscaping. It’s up there with mannies, mandals, and all the other “manifications” designed to coerce men into activities we’d otherwise be inclined to avoid.

There’s something effeminate about the whole thing—more metrosexual than maintenance. It sounds more like a spa day than what it really is: nervous, shaky, shaving cream-flinging whacks at trying to keep yourself “neat” (while leaving your bathroom “devastated”). And the very idea of a razor getting that close to our stones? Nauseating.

That said, it is now time for you to, as the phrase goes, suck it up. We’re officially mandating manscaping. First of all, women don’t want a man that looks like he crawled out of a cave. Second, getting your body hair under control not only sharpens your look but is also a proven confidence booster. “It’s healthy for every man to consider,” says Craig Whitely, owner of The Grooming Concierge “It’s amazing how much thinner someone can appear in their clothing, and how much more comfortable you could feel as well.”

Designed to go where face razors aren’t, Gillette has created the first ever razor built specifically to adapt to the terrain of a bloke’s body. No matter if its your chest, head, back, armpits or even downstairs the Gillette Body Groom guarantees the smoothest results that you simply won’t get from other razors.



If you’re one of the few remaining cautious souls who’s yet to take a stab (poor word choice) at body grooming, you’re in the dwindling minority. “Some guys think that when you start paying more attention to how you look, then it doesn’t look manly,” says Whitely. “That’s changing, and more men are incorporating it into their regimen.”

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced, it’s important to remember that you can’t just shave everything off and expect decent results. Welcome to Body Grooming 101. Don’t forget to bring a towel.

The most important thing to consider before you start thwacking away is your skin. Sensitive? Bumpy? A good way to gauge the effects on the rest of your body is to check your face. “Anything below the neck is going to be a little bit more sensitive than your face, which you’re shaving on a daily basis,” says Whitely. “If your face is already sensitive to a certain type of shaving, keep in mind that your body is just as sensitive.” If you’re prone to redness and irritation, the Gillette Body Groom has 3 Lubricating Strips for outstanding glide and optimal smoothness across uneven terrain.

Crotch Rule No. 1: Keep the Stubble

We regret to inform you that you are neither a porn star nor a newborn baby. So when it comes to the area immediately below the belt, save the stubble. “You definitely want to have it groomed very short,” says Whitely, “but I’m not a big fan of taking it all off.” Less than an inch is ideal. This will, as Whitely says, “keep it cool enough where you feel comfortable about yourself and it doesn’t have irritation, and you can easily maintain that with trimmers.” The Gillette Body Groom is fixed with Powerglide blades, a floating blade technology that that will cut through the thicket of hair with ease.

Crotch Rule No. 2: Pull the Skin Tight

That’s right: We’re telling you to pull the skin tight (because that’s what friends are for), especially when handling your boys. “You want to make sure that you’re holding the skin taut in this particular case,” says White­ly. “Because the skin is so much looser and so much thinner, you want to make sure that you’re very conscious of the control that you’re having in that area.” Loose skin could cause the trimmer or razor to catch on the skin, causing outright catastrophes. “I know how sharp the blade can be,” says Whitely. “You have to be conscious and careful in those areas.” The Gillette Body Groom Anti-Slip Grip is perfect for this, giving you exceptional control – even in the shower.

Watch Your Back (Everyone Else Is)

Unless you wish to be privy to the pains of waxing (see: Carell, Steve; The 40-Year-Old Virgin), you need help with your back. A girlfriend, wife, or very, very discreet friend could be of service.  And pay whoever helps you handsomely. The Gillette Body Groom has a rounded finish with a forward pivoting head designed for total body control when tackling tricky spots.

Do It in the Shower

A lot of guys want a smoother chest, and going at it (gently!) with a razor is the way to go. For best results, save it for the shower; “you’re getting rid of all the dirt and oils that can prevent the trimmers or the shaver from maximizing its performance,” says Craig. The two-front power of the Gillette Body Razor combined with the Gillette 2-in-1 Wash + Shave gives you the power to shave a simple area like your chest even when the water’s blasting down.

If You’re a Land Lover

Not big on taking sharp objects into the shower? No problem. For a smoother, safer shave, opt for a cream or gel with moisturizing com­ponents.  These will help the blade glide.

The Gillette Body Groom retails for $10.49, for more info check out their website: www.gillette.com.au/en-au/products/razor-blades/body-razors/body-razor



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