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Sydney-based personal trainer, performance and lifestyle coach, OptiVite ambassador, author and founder of 6W2S (Six Weeks to Shredded) Blake Worrall Thompson has 13,200 followers to whom he’ll post every day. He’s worked with most of the major fitness-wear brands on short campaigns. He can’t remember the last time he bought a pair of running shoes.

“With the work I do, I probably go through eight pairs a year. I’m lucky that a lot of the brands have sent me shoes. I’m lucky enough to have a couple of twelve month deals as an ambassador with a supplement company, which is cool. It’s just free stuff or paid, it really depends.”


His advice for wannabe PT dudes is that free stuff is cool but still has a cost. “Having free clothes, I absolutely love, of course. I spend every day in sports gear. But free clothing doesn’t necessarily pay the bills. As grateful as I am – and I’m super grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given – training and coaching people is my number one priority. I’m not doing what I do to get freebies.”

Instagram for Worrall Thompson is “like a value-add”. The more value you can add to more people.

“I think everyone’s dream these days is to be a six-figure trainer, and there are guys well into six figures. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it just happens overnight. I’ve been doing it for 14 years. The average personal trainer’s lifespan is nine months and $30,000. You do need a bit of resilience. You probably need to find someone who’s pretty savvy in the industry to learn from as quickly as you can.


“Look at other people’s most popular posts, and try to articulate and embody what it is about them that got so much traction. And if you’ve got a dozen or so people that you look up to and like the way they are going about things, scroll through their pages and see what the market wants, or what the market likes, and what gets more traction than other ones.”

Worrall Thompson says it’s important to have a positive influence on people. “You can have 140,000 people following you and three clients or you can 15,000 following you and 30 clients. The more you engage with people and add value, the more you’ll see them turn into clients long-term.”

What Blake says about his involvement as an ambassador for OptiVite.

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