Healthy Drinks


Do healthy drinks lift your overall health to the next level? We try the current top three selling healthy drink categories.

Probiotic water

Probiotics help promote good bacteria to your gut, which helps with digestion and gut health, strengthens your immune system, and might even improve your skin and mental acuity, according to several studies. Without
question, probiotics are a good supplement to take daily.


top pick: PERKii Queensland-made, each PERKii contains more than a billion probiotics designed to make your gut healthier. They contain no added sugar and taste as you’d expect: bloody delicious. 


Almond milk  

Low in calories, low in sugar and high in calcium, protein and vitamin E, almond milk, the unsweetened kind, is a virtual vitamin pill and a very wise choice as a replacement for dairy milk. Almond milk works extremely well in smoothies or shakes and can be used in recipes or as a quick 40-cal snack. 

Almond Breeze

top pick: ALMOND BREEZE Delicious, creamy in consistency and not too almond-y. Great value, too. The best one we’ve tried. And we’ve tried them all. Particularly good in coffee. 


Kombucha is a fermented, slightly alcoholic, lightly effervescent, black or green tea drink that packs a heap of science-backed health benefits, from better gut health to weight loss and even lowering your chance of heart disease. It’s been around for thousands of years,
but only in the past few years has gained popularity in the West. 

Hemp Oz

top pick: Hemp Oz There’s so much to like here. Suffice to say, this kombucha is the duck’s nuts. Sugar-free, imbued with the superfood hemp and as tasty as all get out, it ticks every box. 

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