Men's Health

Why do men ignore bedroom problems when proven treatment exists?

When it comes to sexual performance, most guys have a handful of techniques they turn to. But when things aren’t going the way they’re meant to, we’re often left scratching our heads and frantically searching Google for what to do. The problem with that? There’s a lot of bullshit out


Why 30,000 Aussie Men are Using Pilot

SPONSORED When Pilot launched a little over a year ago, the state of men’s health in Australia was less than ideal. The company had one simple goal: to use the internet as a tool that can connect men with local doctors and pharmacies that deliver, to get treatment for common

The Luckiest Unluckiest Person Alive

Forty-four year old Luke calls himself the unluckiest, yet luckiest person alive, after his incredible health journey culminated in a life-saving heart transplant two years ago. Diagnosed with an inflammatory disease of the heart so rare it is likened to being hit by a bolt of lightning, the Queensland man can still

Healthy Drinks

Do healthy drinks lift your overall health to the next level? We try the current top three selling healthy drink categories.

Boost your Immunity

Health  You can’t live in a bubble, but you can follow these smart tips for giving your immunity system a fighting chance to beat infection, whether it’s COVID-19 or the common cold.  Take a vitamin D supp  Vitamin D plays a crucial role in keeping the immune system in good working