Getting the 3 O’Clock yawns? Taking protein intermittently throughout the day can help fight tiredness

Getting Tired Throughout the Day. Ditch the Coffee. Grab a shaker instead. By Nicole Frain.

Protein has many beneficial health qualities that go way beyond the effects of using it while working out at the gym. Protein contains properties that are great for energy, recovery and strengthening the immune system. Expert Nicole Frain and Bulk Nutrients Ambassador, suggests that taking protein throughout the day can help fight tiredness and the boost productivity throughout the day.

Why is this? Protein is an essential macronutrient that is found in every cell of the human body, it’s made of up amino acids similar to glucose, the only difference is protein contains nitrogen. For the body to digest the protein into amino acids it must remove the nitrogen first, resulting in energy being released slowly and lasting longer which will help the effects of tiredness and boost your energy levels.

The common causes of tiredness are interrupted sleep or lack of, stress, drops in blood sugar, dehydration or a poor diet, meaning the body isn’t getting enough rest or the right nutrients to sustain itself for an entire day. The feeling of exhaustion or tiredness is ignited by a molecule in your brain that signals to the body that you’re tired. Some believe caffeine helps with tiredness, however all caffeine does (found in coffee and energy drinks) is delay this process, which is why avid coffee drinkers, often drink it in the morning to wake the body, yet begin to feel tired in the early afternoon. Protein however provides four calories of energy for every gram consumed, meaning if enough is consumed at even intervals throughout the day, people can avoid feeling tired all together (along with a good night’s rest and eating a well balanced diet).

With this in mind, many believe having a protein shake or including some protein in a smoothie once a day helps fight tiredness. However it’s best served intermittently, throughout the day to give the body small hits rather than one big hit, especially on days you are not exercising. To have a steady source of energy and to avoid crashing early, a person’s protein intake should be ramped up at breakfast and be included in all the meals and snacks throughout the day. Quick protein options could be boiled eggs, smoked salmon, chickpeas or nuts or, if you’re time poor, a protein shake.

Afternoon Blast Protein Shake 
Protein shake

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • Frozen mixed berries
  • 200ml coconut milk
  • 1 handful ice

Blend. Drink

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