Get The Girl – Georgia Graham

Georgia, 21, is one of the most popular MMA ring girls in the UK. When not on duty, she lives in the countryside north of Newcastle, where she enjoys long walks, visits to the chip shop and hula-hooping.

How did you become a ring girl?
I’ve been in the promotions modelling industry for two years and the ring-girl work came about through a job I’d done promoting an energy drink. I was at the right place at the right time. I’m very lucky, as I love my job.
What’s the hardest part about the job?
Keeping trim. My biggest weaknesses are Domino’s pizza and Oreo cookies. I do work out regularly to keep reasonably toned, but in the weeks leading up to BAMMA [British Association of Mixed Martial Arts] events, I’ll cut out all my “naughty” foods to make sure my bum fits in those little hotpants!
Do you have a favourite MMA fighter?
I respect all fighters for what they do. People are quick to judge MMA as just brawling, but these guys are highly trained and work hard. They’re great guys to work alongside.
Have you tried MMA yourself?
I train twice a week and absolutely love it. It’s hard work, but a lot of fun getting to take out some frustrations on pads and bags. I thought I was fit after going to the gym
for a while and doing cardio, but when I got put through some MMA circuits, I realised I wasn’t as fit as I thought.
Do you have a scar that tells a story?
I don’t really have any scars, which is odd, as I’m really clumsy. I fractured my ribs at a gig once — I got myself right to the front, the mosh pit started and I got squashed against the barrier. I still had an amazing time!
What sort of guys impress you?
I like a nice smile and a guy who takes care of himself without being vain. I’m a spontaneous person, so someone who’s able to have a laugh and have fun is ideal. If I had to go on famous guys, it would be someone who looks like Enrique Iglesias, with a body like Ryan Reynolds and the personality of Captain Jack Sparrow.
What should every man own?
In my dream world: supercars, rally cars, quad bikes and an MMA gym! In reality, every man should own moisturiser — it’s not girly to use it and it makes your skin nice. Plus, I can “borrow” it if it’s a nice one.

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