Drag For More

Accelerate bicep growth with this timeless exercise.

Sometimes the little things in life are the keys to big rewards. The drag curl is a great example. The range of motion is minimal, and the weight it requires may be less than you’re used to, but the result is more muscle growth — fast!


Hold a straight barbell or EZ-curl bar with your elbows extended and drag it up the front of your body until your elbows are fully bent. Pull your arms back as you lift the bar so it stays in contact with your body at all times. Because it’s a strict movement, you won’t be able to use the same weight you do on normal barbell curls.


The drag curl prevents your front deltoids from getting in on the lift, leaving the stress where it needs to be — on your biceps.


>  Make the drag curl your main biceps exercise for a month using three to four sets of 8-12 reps. You can also try these variations:

Reverse-grip drag curl. Hold the bar with palms down.

Smith machine drag curl. The fixed path guarantees perfect form.

How big are your arms?

Our brothers at MF in the US asked readers what they figured the average arm measurement was for guys who lifted weights regularly. The results are in — and not surprisingly, they aimed higher than the average of about 32-38cm. Here are the numbers.

  • 25-30cm – 7%
  • 30-35cm – 33%
  • 35-40cm – 45%
  • 40-45cm – 15%


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm size during his competitive peak.

Cool Your Guns

Icing between sets could help you train harder.

Cooling down your muscles between sets could help you get more work done, according to a 2011 study from the University Foundation of Itaperuna in Brazil. One group of eight men performed four sets of bicep curls using 80 percent of their max and iced their arms between sets. Another group of eight performed the same workout, but did not use ice during rest periods. The men who applied the ice managed 21 percent more reps in total than the control group.


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