Ride Your Workout: Get Fit and Have Fun by Cycling to Work

IF YOU LIVE close enough to ride a bike to work, consider yourself lucky — A new study from the University of Glasgow in Scotland has found that people who cycle to work have a 45% lower risk of developing cancer, and a 46% lower chance of getting heart disease. The study, which covered over 250,000 people in Britain with an average age of 53, also found that cycle commuters were associated with a 41% lower overall risk of early death. “Cycling all or part of the way to work was associated with a substantially lower risk of adverse health outcomes,” said study co-author Jason Gill, M.D., from the university’s Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences. “Those who cycled the full length of their commute had a greater than 40% lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and overall mortality over the five years of follow-up.”

Cycling to Work

But what if you can’t commute to work? Well Canyon have launched their 2018 series of Fitness Bikes perfect for every punter looking to get fit.

The goal when they first launched the Canyon Fitness range was to bring their award-winning performance to more riders, but above all, to put the focus back where it belongs: on having fun on the bike. Whether you’re cruising effortlessly over pavement on the Roadlite or exploring what’s off the beaten track with the Pathlite, all of their Fitness models apply proven Canyon technologies for performance that simply works. Efficient, effective and fun, this is exactly how riding should be. You don’t need the gym membership anymore.

Cycling to Work

Ride Your Workout: The Canyon Roadlite Range

The Roadlite Range combines performance attributes from their road range with features designed to take rider comfort and control to the next level. Flat bars and road bike speed make for a fitness bike that won’t hold you back. For those on the lookout for efficiency and fun on the bike, their broad range of superlight carbon and sleek aluminium models has you covered. Prices range from $1,699 to $3,999 and can be checked out by clicking here.

Canyon Roadlite CF 9.0

If you dig the idea of working a bit of cycling into your workout routines, but don’t really want to dive into all the rigamaroo that often accompanies road racing bikes,  you might like to take a look at the Roadlite CF 9.0. As a top-quality carbon bike with seriously well-spec’d components, you’ll get all of the pleasure a lightweight road bike can offer with the added incentive of being comfortable using it in much more relaxed attire. The super sleek design of the frame gives a good indication of just how much we want you to love riding this bike, and the high quality spec ensures that it will be a match to all of your most punishing workouts where you need to include some serious cardio with your weights and resistance training. This is a bike dedicated to making your workout tons of fun, so comfort figures very high in the setup. The geometry works specifically with the flat handlebar sitting position, while the VCLS technology built into the seatstays, fork and seatpost will guarantee a ride that absorbs rough roads without sapping any of your energy or speed. The integrated carbon cockpit looks amazing and helps make the Roadlite manoeuvrable and comfy. Dura-Ace components add to the top-line quality and ensure long-distance durability while the flat mount Tektro R510 disc brakes ensure easy modulation and effective, noiseless braking. The DT Swiss ER 1400 wheels are lightweight and durable road wheel with a through axle to make sure your wheels are completely secured before you set off on your adventures.


Cycling to Work: The Canyon Pathlite Range

Your workout shouldn’t have to end when the pavement does. Be it exploring the gravel paths of your local park or finding that off-road shortcut on your way into town, the Pathlite AL SL has your back. A robust aluminium frame, 40 mm gravel tyres and 75 mm of suspension all come together to keep you comfortable over any terrain, while a modern geometry and our integrated cockpit provide agile handling for fun and reliable riding. Head off the beaten track and Ride Your Workout. Prices range from $1,849 to $2,299 and can be checked out by clicking here.

Cycling to Work
Pathlite AL SL 8.0

If you are looking to buy a bike that you can take deep into the woods exploring with your friends, the Pathlite AL SL 8.0 will offer the comfort and performance to answer all your off-road fitness adventure needs. The lightweight aluminium hydroformed frame combines with the Shimano XT groupset to ensure reliable, responsive performance. This is a bike that will work equally well for you whether you are hammering backwoods fire roads preparing for your next crossfit competition, or taking some quiet self-reflection time exploring the dusty gravel paths on your Alpine holiday tour. Whether we’re talking long days in the saddle or short hour of intervals, comfort is key, which the Pathlite AL SL 8.0 has in spades since not only does it come equipped with the spring-leaf designed VCLS 2.0 seatpost, but also the Suntour NRX-S 75mm Fork. Though this is not the sort of setup you’ll want to be using to take crazy drops-off on a hardcore single track course, with 75 mm of travel, the Suntour suspension fork will absorb all rough patches of road and trail. And if you fancy a bit of extended climbing, you can lockout the fork so you won’t feel wobbly rocky up the climbs. The carbon fibre handlebars will provide a comfy cockpit from which you can control the whole shebang. The lightweight and durable DT Swiss X1850 wheelset will keep you rolling nicely and the through axles and post mount disc brakes ensure the level of safety and security that is essential to enjoying any bike ride. With the Pathlite AL SL 8.0 no road has to go unexplored.

About Canyon Bicycles

What started life in founder Roman Arnold’s garage as Radsport Arnold has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of road, mountain, triathlon, fitness, urban and kids’ bikes. Officially renamed in 2002, Canyon works hand­ in-hand with the best athletes on the planet to produce an array of award-winning bikes that embody the pure passion for riding. With a strong reputation for true innovation, implementing leading technologies, clean and clear design as well as the highest standards in quality and service, Canyon continues to expand worldwide, selling more bikes outside of its native Germany than within since 2008. As a pioneering  direct sales brand, Canyon products are exclusively available online at www.canyon.com/en-au/

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