A slip-up doesn’t point to an inevitable downfall. That is, unless you make one of these common post-binge mistakes. With holidays behind us, let’s take a moment to reflect on the (many) food and fitness lessons learned. If you’re like us, you learned the hard way that you didn’t need […]

The smartest and most affordable ways to incorporate the world’s greatest lean protein into your daily diet. By Nils Bernstein Fact no. 1: You need to eat fish. It’s high in protein, low in calories, and contains a lot less fat than meat (and it’s often the best type of […]

Whether you buy protein online to save time, save money or simply because you like to buy in bulk, are you certain your conveniently delivered supplements are actually delivering true value? As a MEN’S FITNESS reader you are probably very familiar with buying protein supplements online, but do you know […]

We know how important this macronutrient is for our body composition, whether we’re trying to shed fat or gain mass. But what about protein intake before bed? Is it really necessary and will it make any difference? According to a recent study, sucking down a protein shake before cuddling up […]